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    Annnnd GO!

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    Are those just really old mtg cards? Fakes? Or whitebacks?

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    Stoneforge mystic definitely isn't old, although i haven't seen it like that before.
    Isn't that card banned anyway unless you use it in the deck WotC made?

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    It's that card but altered by an artist.

    @Malthe; that was for standard 2 years ago. It rotated out of standard a long time ago, it's banned in modern, and one of the more popular cards in legacy.

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    I see, i haven't played in forever

    More SFM videos:

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    Is that from Worldwake? I stopped playing when Zendikar came out (I missed out on the lands!) and started playing again when M13 came out.

    The Shards of Alara block will always be my favorite ._. I had a Jund deck and a saproling deck. I hated my friends Elspeth deck ._. pineappleing Bant.

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    Yes, it's from Worldwake.



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