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Thread: Trade hats?

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    So, I am thinking about trading my RA thief hat + mesos for my friend's RA thief hat (neb will be replaced for 4% all):

    (I am a Xenon)

    But recently I read some comments here about a new enhancement system in KMS, which made me wonder if this new hat (with the 8 enhancements already applied) will put me at a disadvantage if GMS adopts this same system. I haven't researched too much on it, but it seems the post-update enhancement bonuses become better in comparison to what we have now?

    I also own a few cog'd items that I had previously enhanced to 8 stars (for the pink text effect) and I'm beginning to feel that it may have been a big mistake.

    With the assumption that we'll never receive MAEE's, will having multiple enhancements on armors/accessories (prior to the enhancement update) make a large enough difference that it would be advised to innocence + rescroll those same items? (I wouldn't mind too much for items with only ~3 slots, but 13 slots to re-cog is out of the question.)

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    To my knowledge, the new enhancement system increased the enhancement cap and made it easier to reach higher stars without losing your item.

    Though.. it's still being worked on so who knows... they may change it to provide more benefits? (Though this would upset a lot of Maplers :( )

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    I don't really understand why people go to such lengths to enhance armor to 5, 6, even higher stars anyway. The gains are too erratic and costly to be worthwhile. You're not even guaranteed to get the stat you want.... <_<; It's minimally worthwhile for Xenons, yeah, but still... isn't there a much more cost-effective way to upgrade than enhancing armor?

    More closely on topic, however.. I would just wait and see how the new enhancing mechanics turn out on KMS.

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    Oh, so this isn't entirely official yet... I'll just read up on it a bit more and keep myself updated as changes are made, thanks.


    And well, the only reason why I threw a bunch of enhancements on some of my other items was to obtain a green/pink text color, or to make cog'd stats more symmetric (just a small perfectionist ocd); if I was the owner of the other hat, I would've left it unenhanced. xD

    While there are other options for upgrading (just tyrant enhancing, really), I realized that I've reached a point where flat stat increases have become enormously helpful (so the net +18 stats from 8 enhancements, for example, would be worthwhile), and therefore I turned to the possibility of armor enhancing and scrolling sweetwater accessories.



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