Hello Southperry!

I'm a junior master of the guild Virtus. Lately, we haven't seen as much activity as we'd like, so we're looking to recruit some new members for our guild.

About Us


The guild was made by Slavves, and the leader position was passed through to SugarSouffle when she became inactive. Around this time last year, we were compromised when a junior got hacked and the hacker kicked every non-junior in the guild, resulting in a loss of several thousand GP. Not too long after, SugarSouffle became inactive as well and our leader once again changed hands to ArcherMajik, who then quit and finally leadership was passed down to the current leader, BadAsBlades.

What We Do

2x training parties (sometimes)

Lots of boss runs

Just fun chatting. If you're uncomfortable with the chatter that you'll see in the alliance chat, this isn't the guild for you. I'll be honest though; we're not chatting 24/7. There will be moments when we're all talking and it's really lively, but there'll be moments of complete silence. Don't be too disappointed if we don't respond sometimes; we have other commitments as well.


We are currently part of the Specialists alliance in Broa, consisting of Clarity, HeroesRampage, Continuum, and ourselves. We are missing a fifth guild, so if your guild is looking for an alliance let us know!

Can I Join?

We don't have a level or range requirement, just come out and have fun whenever you can.

No illegitimacy of any kind is tolerated (hacking, scamming, KSing without reason, being disrespectful to others).

As said before, we do talk a lot at times, but we are very quiet at others. I'm hoping for some people who can bring something to our conversations. Talkative, friendly people are encouraged to join us. For this reason we'd like potential members to be active. I don't mean 12 hours a day 7 days a week active, but if you can stick around and chat for a little it does make the experience that much better.

We understand that people have commitments outside of Maplestory, so if you have to leave for more than 1 week for any reason, please let us know and we won't kick you during a guild clean-up.

Great! Who Do I Contact?

If you'd like to join, please contact me via PM or by leaving a comment down below with your IGN. Please don't be one of those people who say in the comments "I want to join!" but never log on after posting the comment. You can also contact me by whispering in game. If I don't get to you and you want to be added, feel free to contact anyone in our guild or alliance (guilds listed above). Our AFK spot is in channel 16's FM Entrance, so feel free to leave a message with anyone from our alliance.

Hope to see you guys in-game and happy Mapling!