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    My wired keyboard seems to be acting up.
    /When I hit the Enter key, it performs whatever it's supposed to do and adds a /.
    /When I use it to go to a page after typing a URL or after typing in some stuff in a search engine, it adds a / at the start of the text/URL.
    /Yeah, you can see what it's doing (left the slashes on the left in on purpose).
    /Okay, now it looks like a new problem has come up. If I move my cursor to anywhere other than the end of a sentence and start typing, it will shift the cursor right once when I hit Space.
    /I'll perform a System Restore later and see how that goes.

    EDIT: It was the keyboard. No problems cropped up when typing on the laptop's own keyboard. Oddly enough, the problem with the Enter key is now gone...but the Space issue remains.
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