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    Hey there! I've been messing around with a range/damage calculator in Excel and the range part works great. I can't seem to get the damage part right though. I'm getting some pretty weird numbers (much more stable and higher damage ingame though so I'm not complaining about that!).

    The formula I'm using is this: floor(maxrange*(1-([monster PDR]*(1-[my PDR]/100))/100)*maxcritdmg/100) for normal attack max damage.

    (PDR part might seem a bit messy but it works.)

    Is anything wrong here? Or am I missing something on the Max crit part maybe? Base should be 120-150% and Adrenaline and Expert gives an NL a total of 25% more, making it 175%. Adding an extra 5% here and 20% for Min crit puts the damage just above/below the highest/lowest seen ingame. If I start messing with Quad Star this no longer works though, and I'm still getting higher damage ingame so I guess it's not the crit part (I did remember to account for reinforce hypers here). I should probably try testing without critical but it's not easy with 105% critrate.

    Any ideas?

    (Bonus question: Any way to make Excel calculate multiplicative PDR for a full row? Without making it a huge formula repeating [*(1-n/100)] for every cell?)


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    You give each cell one PDRignore contribution (say... [0.3, 0.15, 0.1, 0.1]), then in another row you take its difference with 1 [0.7, 0.85, 0.9, 0.9], then multiply these last cells together [=PRODUCT(...)]. You can easily combine these together into a 1 or 2 step operation without making the formulae too unwieldy. My usual formula is 1 - PDR*(PRF), where PRF is PDR reduction factor which is the "=PRODUCT(...)" cell.

    Learn to use decimals to represent fractions, and don't put too much into one cell. You will have hell troubleshooting.

    For the observable damage issue, check your character cards, IA and equipment (especially rings) and stuff. You may have a source of those numbers that you didn't factor in.


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    Thanks! PDR works perfectly now.

    As for the damage, the range is calculated and matches perfectly with ingame, so I have all of that covered. I have the Min Crit on my ring covered too.

    I guess it's still useful enough for quickly checking benefits from upgrading %boss vs. %att and so on, but it really bugs me that it doesn't fit my ingame damage.

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    Default Re: Damage formula problems

    question, what are your character cards and inner abilities? although i doubt this is an issue because then you'd be hitting less than calculated.

    alternatively, you could tell us your range, class, and multipliers you're using and then see what's going on.

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    Character cards are Mechanic, AB, Cannon - Mercedes, Kanna, Zero - DS, DA, Xenon and Ability is 9 attack and 7 all stats. None of this should affect anything but my range on normal monsters.

    I'm a Night Lord and my range without Bleed Dart and Epic Adventure (to test for more than just 30 seconds) is 238867~281020. So 281020 is what I'm using as "maxrange" in the formula in the OP. Multiplicative PDR is 61.03324 (thinking maybe this should be floored but it would barely make a difference) and I'm testing on a monster with 10% PDR. Max crit damage is 150+10+15 from base, Adrenaline and Expert.

    According to my calculations I should be hitting 355816~472621 with normal attack. Highest and lowest seen is 406xxx and 483xxx though, which I guess is positive but still bugs me. It's even "worse" if I test with Quad Star too.

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    Default Re: Damage formula problems

    i'll run the calculations tomorrow if nobody else does them first (no time today), but kanna's ability is +10% total damage, additive with other total damages if memory doesn't fail, that shouldn't help your range however. your % on those two skills is normal maxed level right?

    if the monster had only 5% pdr you'd be able to deal up to 49xxxx, hrm

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    Sounds great, thanks!

    As far as I know, the only total damage that doesn't show in my range is the Reinforced Quad Star hyper, which I did account for in the QS calculations. Not sure what you mean by "those two skills", is that Quad Star and my normal attack? Quad Star is maxed at 378% and normal attack should just be 100%.



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