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Thread: [TV Shows] Pushing Daisies to be "revived"

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    Default Pushing Daisies to be "revived"

    If anybody doesn't remember this show, it was a fairy tale-esque show about a pie maker who can bring things back from the dead with a touch, he brought his childhood sweetheart back from the dead, they fall in love, but he can't touch her or she will die again. They solve murders by bringing people back from the dead and asking them what they remember.


    It was a really good show, but was aired during the writers strike of 2007, and because of that, the first season was cut short, and a bunch of plotlines were randomly dropped. then the second season started getting back into the swing of it, only for the show to get cancelled too early because of what the strike did. It was tragic.

    Anyway, the creator is planning on reviving the show.. as a musical, and possibly a movie.

    Bringing it back as a series would have been preferable, like through Netflix, but I suppose that isn't going to happen :(

    Still, it's good that it might be coming back in any form, because it was truly unique and the one of the best shows I ever watched, and a lot of people agree.

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    pineapple yes. This is my absolute favourite series of all time.

    Definitely interested to see where they go with this, since the series ended with such an enormous cliffhanger.

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    I was so happy when I saw the news. It would work out great as a musical, but I doubt I would get a chance to see it. :/ A film would be much better for me. I do seem to remember something about a Pushing Daisies comic series but I don't know what happened with that.


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    Default Re: Pushing Daisies to be "revived"

    I remember this show. I found it very strange and unique. Can't exactly remember being thrilled with it, but if it had a following, I'm glad it's coming back for your sakes.

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    I don't get why they keep making news stories for this?
    Most of the quotes/info from Bryan Fuller are almost a year old (or later?).
    They're basically just regurgitating the story from last year because he recently had an interview where he said the exact same things as he did last year.



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