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  1. Default Going to a gay bar

    There are a few reasons why I want to go to a gay bar even as a straight dude:

    (1) I'm going there only for friends. If I go to a straight bar, I won't be able to make friends. The girls there will think I'm hitting on them and the bros are there for the women. In a gay bar, everyone thinks you're gay so the women are easier to make friends with and I'm cool making friends with gay guys/girls.

    (2) Never been to a gay bar. I've heard the music is better.

    (3) Getting hit on could be flattering.

    Anything I should know?

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    Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    Know that I'm jealous; I can't find any gay bars near me. :'(

  3. Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    If you look in seattle there's like 1-2 blocks straight that has tons of gay bars - like 7-10 of them.

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    Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    Are you for real??
    Gay bars are the best place to look for fun.
    I'm straight but I've been into a couple of gay bars.
    Dude they really know how to party, and yes the music is way way better.
    I have no tips for you anyway :(
    At least in my country, they know when somebody means no.
    They are so cool

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    Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    Just have fun :) I went to a gay bar for the first time this year.

    I could say that it's something I found fun, I always went to straight bars with friends.

    The music is amazing and the drinks have such fun names, unicorn piss and what not.

  6. Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    The music is better, the drinks are cheaper from what I understand. However, you may run into some really catty gays that get offended that a straight guy is in there. Just depends on your area and what the scene of the gay bar is.

    Best of luck to you!

  7. Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    Music is better.
    You might have guys trying to dance with you if you're on the dance floor.
    Enjoy the fabulousness.

  8. Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    but in all seriousness, have a fun time, and if someone does end up hitting on you, be polite about it.

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    Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    If you have a gay friend (lady or man), you may want to go with them.

    Well...really, I wouldn't go to any bar all by myself, regardless of orientation D:

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    Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    Went to a gay bar once. Had about 30 lesbians hitting on me. Apparently they don't understand that no means no and that I prefer the penis.

    The music usually is better. The people there can be quite scary. The one I went to had a lot of drag queens and just plain weird people. It also had fish bowls all over with rubbers. I was so freaked out.

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    Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    Yeah, I saw a lot of stuff like that at gay bars too. To be fair though, it's a good idea. If people are going out and meeting people at bars, it's a brilliant idea to make sure they are protected. I don't see why that would make people freak out. Condoms being around doesn't mean rampant sex, it just means safety and responsibility.

    Unless you mean used ones, in which case wow.

    I personally thought the gay bars were nice, but very intimidating sometimes. As someone who is actually of the gay persuasion, I found it rather weird and for all the nice people you meet there are also peachy, horrible, shallow people too.

    That being said, I did get a free shot from a bartender who thought I was cute. and when I was waiting for someone to show up he took pity on me and give me a free plate of onion rings. I especially liked that bar. It was a cool place called ICON, where all the walls were filled with pictures of people like Madonna and Lady Gaga, and there was a tv screen showing all the influential gay icons. it played great music too. It had a great atmosphere and wasn't steamy or headache inducing.

  12. Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    Depends a lot on the general purpose of the bar being gay, I've heard of some gay parties specifically for people to hook up. But usually they are a lot of fun, I've been to some here in Brazil which were just good music and more alternative people.

  13. Default Re: Going to a gay bar

    Straight...? I feel deceived, Fiel. ; - ;

    No suggestion in particular, being real and clear has worked for me.



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