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  1. Default Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    As soon as I started training again after the recent patch, I noticed that HS was not working with my bishop. In order for it to take effect, the bishop either needs to be out of the party, or out of the map. I'm unsure of what is causing this, because Phantoms are still able to use HS fine while in the same map / party.

    I made a video about this issue today, I'll leave the link below. What do you guys think about the HS glitch? Do you think it is bugged, or do you think the 2nd Job Cleric passive skill has something to do about it? Let me know.

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  2. Default Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    Woah shots fired

    Wait you made a thread about 2 different things and then put this video telling us about your personal stream mic issues and other stuff before what we're going to the video for? You could have put a start marker at least instead of just putting your personal videos as source material

  3. Default Re: Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    Considering Inmate was the first one to use it efficiently (getting to 250) and made it kind of public I can't understand why he can't be considered the "first one to use it" (Hey look I discovered a new training method!.... i am not going to use it )

    I don't understand why so much drama about the Inmatemethod thing or whatever you want it to call it, it's a bit off topic anyways.

    I noticed that glitch 1 day ago while training with a friend lvl 50 with my bishop lvl 148 .-. very weird.
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  4. Default Re: Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    Clearly the 40 level gap and this HS change are related. The first two minutes were introduction in case you didn't know about that EXP method. It's annoying with so many different ways to refer to it, so Zero made it simple for the video by referring to it as the "inmate method" (which makes a LOT of sense, and arguing why he called it that is stupid).

    He started with background information, threw in a 15 second thing about his mic not working, and showed the change with HS.

    Calling him childish?! are you kidding me?

  5. Default Re: Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    Tried again making a party with my bishop lvl 148 and a pirate lvl 20.

    When they are with HS and in the same party, they don't recive the HS Bonus Exp (both attacker and bishop). Only the Party Bonus Exp.

    But if the bishop leave the party and the pirate or the bishop attacks, they recive the HS Bonus Exp.

    I guess that if you want to get that HS bonus you will have to make a expedition and change the bish from the party each time you rebuff

  6. Default Re: Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    Back to pre-Unleashed, except for the fact that EXP multipliers are now on different lines.

  7. Default Re: Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    Totally agree with MMbryan so many haters in this thread, so many inmature people... dam...

    on topic, well found Zero! this will totally change something I was about to make (I was raising my own HS mule xD but since bishops are glitched like this, it will be a phantom!)

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    Default Re: Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    OK, we see the way HS behaves now: if the party has a 41+ level gap, Priest HS doesn't work, but Phantom HS does.

    Keep the discussion to this issue, please. Drama posts will be deleted or cause the thread to be locked or both.

  9. Default Re: Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    They just keep fighting for top spot.

  10. Default Re: Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    Apologies, but please keep in mind I am still new to this forum, I didn't even know you could do that. In my defense I did say, if you were only here for the glitch, to skip ahead. I apologize for not making that clearer.

  11. Default Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    It's a youtube thing. Share tab adds a time marker where you want to have the video start playing, for pimentos like me.

    I don't really know which is more confusing though, why i would be here for anything other than finding out about the glitch, or why i would be here for the 2 minutes of content you tell us to skip.

  12. Default Re: Holy Symbol, Glitched?

    Thank you for the constructive criticism, I've edited my post to only include the relevant information.



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