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  1. Default Inner Ability Resets

    It's been frustrating using this system after god knows how many circulators I used. I ALWAYS get 7% buff duration on epic on my drk while zero gets like 19%. I finally hit a unique inner ability WITH buff duration but its still only 7%!!!!

    Am I stuck at 7% for the rest of my non nxcirculator life? Or is there some huge flaw in the reset system that's causing this constant number in buff duration?

  2. Default Re: Inner Ability Resets

    Only the first line can ever be a "good" line at epic/unique.
    Keep resetting until the first line is buff duration, if that's what you're aiming for. It'll be 32% at unique.

  3. Default Re: Inner Ability Resets

    well that explains everything thanks!
    Did another round of resets and finally got my 32% buff duration on the first line

  4. Neutron

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    Default Re: Inner Ability Resets

    Does this means once it get to legendary, all 3 lines are at legendary, or still only top line is legendary worthy

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    Default Re: Inner Ability Resets

    Yeah, I'm wondering if Weapon Speed can come out from either of the second or third line.

  6. Default Re: Inner Ability Resets

    Right now: First line is legendary, other two are rare/epic/unique (although you can't see what rank they are, and both lines aren't the same rank). When you circulate, the rank of the second/third lines doesn't go down so eventually they hit legendary rank and can get legendary bonuses, but you won't know when until you get something exclusive to legendary.
    Later on: All lines are the same rank.

    They can. They won't.



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