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    Hey guys, I havent played since a few weeks before RED came out, I was wandering if theres a way to exchange the old mastery books for the new ones.. If not, are they still usable? Or should I just npc them. Thanks!

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    There was an "event" for a while where you could trade them in. I don't think it's possible anymore though.

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    That only applied to certain books tho, skills that got changed etc

    No it's not possible :/

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    Yeah.. thought I had missed some kind of event for that, oh well. Gonna keep the ones Ill use and npc the others I guess..

    Thanks guys

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    You can still use them with mastery book synergizers!

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    ITT they should sell Mastery Book Synergizers in shops (or maybe just Illiad) for a low price, given how useless Mastery books are now, in terms of physical value. No more than 50k a pop, 10-20k is reasonable IMO.




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