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  1. Lightbulb Maplestory at custom resolutions

    EDIT: On the issue of this possibly being "modding" thread, I was given permission to post this by one of the staff before I created it.

    I ran a quick search on one of the registry entries required for this trick, so I'm assuming this hasn't been discussed here before. Another member told me about this last night, so I ended up trying it for myself, and the results were pretty spectacular.

    Apparently, setting the width and height to your monitor's default resolution causes this to not work correctly. I just received a new 1440p monitor yesterday however, and was able to get the game running at 1920x1080. The maps that I took the screenshots in seem to be relatively unaffected by higher resolutions. This isn't the case for all maps; Henesys, Lith Harbor, and Kerning City all had broken backgrounds. But for the maps that it does work in, its a beautiful thing. It makes me wish that they could rework the entire game to work the way that Ellinia, Sleepywood, and the Free Market did because it was a major improvement when it worked.

    UPDATE: The maximum resolution that Maplestory can support is currently 2048*1536. If one of your resolution parameters (either your game width or game height) exceeds this, this method will either glitch or default back to 800*600. To avoid that, be sure to set the game window's width to either 2048 or below, and the games height to 1536 or below.

    UPDATE 2: Reported to no longer work. See page 2 of this thread for more details.
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    So what happens for small maps like shops? Just filler blackspace as usual?

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    holy pineapple it's not an upscale.

    also Nexon hates fun. This will probably be patched, and met with bans.
    because Nexon hates fun.

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    I'll definitely mess around with this. I'm still stuck using 1024x768 resolution, because apparently my 1920x1080 laptop doesn't support 1366x768 resolution.

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    This is massively awesome. If I was still playing Maple I would do this in a heartbeat.

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    Filler space, yes. Sometimes black, sometimes other colors. It varies depending upon the map. It tends to be a bit worse than the blackspace we have in the few maps that weren't optimized for the new resolutions (1024x768/1366x768).

    But the tradeoff is definitely worth it.

    This has apparently been possible/done for many years now. It's really harmless stuff, so I'd hope that they wouldn't.

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    It worked like a charm. Also, I had no problem setting the dimensions to my monitor's default resolution.

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    ^ Going to try 2560 x 1440. Hopefully it works.

    EDIT: 2560 for width didn't work, but 1440 worked for height. 1920 x 1200 works fine.

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    The Windows API (and other APIs) is buggy with regards to window creations that exceed the dimensions of the monitor. This includes the title bar and the border.

    As for why some resolutions aren't supported, that's because your video card does not support the video mode you're trying to render at. The operating system defines which video modes are valid to render and what not, and if the one you input isn't valid then it won't work. This gets trickier once you take into account full screen too. This is why some games have what seems like archaic resolutions, because they're the only supported video modes that your card could handle.

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    Testing this out after class for sure

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    would it not be possible then to use a program like CRU(custom resolution utility) to add a nonstandard resolution into the video card's driver to technically support resolutions that are normally invalid?

    @thread: I'm suprised that a lot of people didn't know about this

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    Most APIs I know flat out bug out if you give it a video mode that isn't supported (e.g. SDL, SFML, OpenGL) so I doubt it. Could give it a try though.

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    Both my laptop's integrated and dedicated video card (it uses Optimus) support 1366x768. I can't figure out why I don't have an option for that resolution on my laptop screen, but I can use it on external monitors. I disabled Optimus in an attempt to solve the problem, but Maplestory would not even launch.

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    Consider checking your graphic card's setting. There's probably some cryptic option that would help. IIRC this is the case for Intel HD Graphics, so who knows. Though maybe you've tried doing so, and if so then I have no idea why Maple would be freaking out about it.

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    ahaha this is amazing

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    well that's how it looks at smaller maps I guess

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    Yeah, it does that on most maps. I wish it didn't have to be like that; Another 2D MMO rumored to have been developed by ex-Maplestory devs, Tenvi, handled the issue wonderfully. You could throw just about any resolution you wanted at it and it would work (though everything would get smaller and smaller the higher you went, of course).

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    I found out about this method on insoya, but increasing the resolution makes it just look uglier.

    Tenvi was created by former Wizet developers. It was revived as a new version last year, but it got shut down quickly.
    The name of the game was censored in MapleStory because of competition probably. It's not in the censor list as of now.

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    Ah, alright then. Still and all, I really enjoyed how that game handled higher resolutions.

    Speaking of which, after toying around with it for a while, I've found that 1920 is approximately the highest width that my game will allow. 1920x1440 works, but it won't let me fullscreen. 1920x1200 is the largest fullscreen-compatiable resolution I've tried (I decided to give that a shot after reading about Sephie's luck with it). All FM rooms are visible without scrolling, in terms of vertical resolution. It's just awesome.


    (Also, I might be imagining things, but I feel like the game has kicked into 120hz mode a few times on me now. Only happened when I started the game fullscreen in a custom resolution)



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