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    Figured Bigfoot and HH would still be a joke. Patch is a joke.

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    What do you mean and how exactly would they make bigfoot not a joke in this current maple world? Maplers on average are just ridiculously overpowered compared to when BF was actually a problem. Only thing i can think of is make his attacks instant kill. Other than that there is making him have DR which is just annoying and but still easily taken care of, have C vellum defense rate and stupid stuff like that. I don't see how we can ever get back the fun of the old bigfoot because of the numerous changes to the classes.

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    Default Re: GMS v146 - Return to Masteria



    ugh dammit they did the exact opposite of what I told them to do.
    keep any buffed jump/speed, disable movement skills. Is it even likely for this to get reversed in translation from English to Korean?

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    For those wondering what the new label/chat ring looks like:
    Not that great

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    Give him

    1) Movement a la chaos pink bean teleport (make it a mad dash rush like animation to make sense if budget allows, or just ramp up his speed a ton)
    2) Taller hitbox and/or jump AI improved to annoy classes who jump over real easy
    3) 30-40k touch damage, 3b HP, 9999 accuracy


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    4) Give him a jump attack similar to what Chaos Von Bon has. Makes sense to me at least.

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    I like it for the most part (albeit a bit broken), but what you'll hear is "omg why does nexon make these bosses so hard, only pay to win people can beat this boss, screw that". End result no one even bothers with big foot because most people can't even come close to surviving and/or killing, and it would have to be so you don't lose exp...cuz let's face it no one in their right mind who is high leveled enough to fight it is gonna go risking losing all their exp, the rewards would have to be close to nigh godlike.

    So maybe add on a really good incentive for actually beating it other than bragging rights and insane amount of exp + super onyx apples idk lol. But yeh main point is we would need something really worth it.

    From that i can remember the reason why people did it and it wasn't broken was because even though it had a nasty touch dmg few people could actually survive it and push him around (although the broken hitbox thing made it alot more fun and challenging), then at that time no one had the dmg to really make BF cry in a couple of seconds and the exp for killing it was awesome, 3b is ok but even my 600k phantom can take that out in less than a min (dependent on if it would have pdr akin to major bosses or physical resists etc ofc).

    So if you get a bunch of high level people who obviously would be stronger than me they would just bind and torture the poor thing, bind makes all of your suggestions obsolete i'm thinking. So make it unbindable as well in addition to mass exp let's say enough to level people efficiently around the 160 level (maybe 25% at lvl 160 lol?) cuz that 160-165 is a pain imo ha.

    Also i'm thinking one of the big things about bf was being able to keep it pinned, your first suggestion I think takes that away?

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    i'd say 50-100b hp, with 200% pdr would do... now add a mad exp reward and there you go.. BF wars again

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    Well, I'll know of another place to avoid.

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    They should increase Big Foot's base stats until it's significantly more difficult to begin with, and then have its stats increase as it kills more and more players, and after it kills a player it should "die" and respawn in a different map to make it more difficult to find, simulate it moving through the forest. Maybe even a Vellum style hide/pop out skill. It's got home field advantage after all.

    This doesn't really work as a rewarding boss, I suppose, it might be a bit more fun, but I guess quite a lot more annoying.

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    That is so deviously evil i love it. I have no clue how the stat upgrade progression would go though. Maybe +1k per kill? It'd have to be capped unless there's still a limit on mob stats.

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    why? LOL you will have AT LEAST 3 persons in the same map killing it

    if that thing had 3b hp only, a lot of people could solo in 10 secs (?) that takes the fun of it.. and the good thin, there is no timer!

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    Just give Big Foot hp% dmg, like 95%, so you have to be on alert to keep your hp almost max all the time while venturing the phantom forest. Big Foot should also have teleport (i.e pierre) like skill, just because big foot are known to disappear suddenly irl...

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    A lot of people? You're overestimating the average funding around maple. My dual blade can't do 2.5b by himself in 10 seconds, even with Asura, and he had well over 120%luk and like 100% boss.
    Also I don't think it's changed, so bigfoot has missing hitboxes. To have those retarded stats, he'd have to have insane drops.

    Anyway, not happy about the actual BF/HH exp nerfs, or everything elses' nerfs to exp. I guess I could just kill them to be able to say I did.

    Edit; whoops @ double quote.

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    I'm not sure how it'd go either. I'd really just like to see an extremely powerful boss running around the maze that is Phantom Forest as huge groups of players go around trying to find and kill it. Since it's a freely spawning, roaming boss that way more than 6 or 30 players can engage, it should potentially grow much stronger than say, Chaos Vellum (though, maybe not in terms of PDR). But maybe its damage shouldn't grow all that much, else I'd doubt many players would want to fight a boss that does Aky screen crack damage with just a touch. Unless they implemented strategic methods that you could use to avoid it, or even, just having a good enough knowledge of the Phantom Forest to exit the current map and quickly find your way back, re-emerging from a portal that's in a more strategic location, which would be difficult unless you knew where it was, where it moved to while you were gone, like maybe if a Paly or something could tank it and draw it away. Even though you can freely die and come back, there's incentive not to, as one, it'd get stronger, and two, you'd lose it (which would get pretty annoying as it gets stronger, so maybe impose a decreasing probability of respawning elsewhere as it becomes stronger).

    But after playing this game for so long, I'm not sure if people would go for a boss where the only reward in killing it is the satisfaction of killing it. Drops would kinda suck, you'd have to be there when it's downed to get them, so maybe like, some kind of server wide reward for taking it down, nothing too big, but still something pretty significant. That way, everyone sort of has a stake in taking it down, but they don't have to worry about the reward so much.

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    Could always make it drop a special potion that either amplifies drop rate or exp rate. Doesn't need to be insane, maybe 10% more exp or 10% more drop rate that stacks with alchemist potion. That way people have some incentive to go hunting for it.

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    All these Bigfoot ideas are neat, but you gotta take into consideration that this is a lvl 90 area. It shouldn't be a mega tough boss to fight. I like the old BF who did seriously high damage. It was a genuine risk. I say just give him high HP and a reasonably high knockback value that your average lvl 90-100 character wouldn't hit. Give him higher run speed and quick recovery so that knocking him back won't prevent him from getting to you and you are forced to move.

    Overall, Bigfoot should only be about as dangerous as the Pillars of Doom in the JQ area.

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    Those pillars kills you in one touch

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    Not if you're a Demon Avenger

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    While that's true, it doesn't necessarily have to mean that should always be the case, or that Big Foot can't be crazy impossible. It's not really the same, since Empress is pretty out of the way, but take Future Hen/Ereve. Ostensibly, it's a level 160+ area, Empress herself is 190, and for a pretty long while, she was pretty impossible even at 190.

    And going further back, there were also Iron Boars at Pig Beach and Jr. Boogies at the map with the Wild Boars. Much smaller scale, but they were pretty difficult to handle for people of the intended level range.



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