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Thread: SW or faf spear

  1. Default SW or faf spear

    currently using a PSB with 9 enhances and 9 red scrolls slapped on and no special epic pot
    I've already made a perfect empress spear in preparation of transposing to a sw spear but in light of the set change from 5 to 6 and the change to CRA looting I've begun to reconsider otherwise. I currently possess a SW glove (luckiest day of my life) so I have something to sell for funds.

    What to do?

    Go with SW spear + CRA armor/alternative
    or Faf spear/polearm+CRA

    My only concern about going faf spear/polearm now is getting a hold of a perfectly scrolled spear or having to go through the process of doing so now with my limited red coin pool of ~1.2k

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    Default Re: SW or faf spear

    I say go fafnir.
    My reasoning is that Nexon is always going to come out with another. better, weapon/gear set.
    At least if you plan on upgrading past fafnir when the time comes, you can sell it off for some profit back.

    With SW, you're just stuck with it regardless.

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    Faf polearm: Green pots from MP extreme breaks the speed cap, so not matter what other sources you have, it will always be superior to the spear.
    SW stuff is great, but the untradability is just to friggin crappy. The spear and polearm have the same stats and speed so you'd loose out on the polearm advantage.



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