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    Describe the problem. Be as specific as possible!:
    Unable to transpose to a certain SW katara, other users have expressed problems as well with this specific weapon.
    Error message appears after agreeing to pay 10 Denaros, but no money is taken and this error pops up instead.

    Images of problem

    Katara was bought from a friend who expressed that she'd also run into problems with it.
    While I originally thought that the Katara might be "trashed" in that someone had transposed a +0 gear onto it, that would make it untradeable.

    Was wondering if anyone had any ideas/advice. Thank you!
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  2. Default Re: Transposition Bug

    To provide a bit more information: my friend originally bought this katara a few days after Commerci came out for 900m (a reasonable price). Last week, she mentioned that she was having trouble transposing the katara (same message that mimic got) so I gave her the sw katara I got as a drop and she gave me her katara. At the time, I wasn't sure if it was an issue that only she had, so I sold the katara to mimic. Since it's now clear that there's something wrong with the katara, we will be compensating mimic with another sw katara, but I want to know if anyone has any insights about this problem.

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    I believe that if the sweetwater is modified by scrolls in any way, it can't be transposed. However, an innocence scroll clears that away, if I belive.

    Some confirmation would help though.

  4. Default Re: Transposition Bug

    The katara was originally scrolled, and my friend innocence'd it already. If that really is the reason it can't be transposed, then that is unfortunate.

    Edit: Just realized that scrolling shouldn't have anything to do with it, because the katara I gave my friend (that transposing worked on) was scrolled by me with +8atk scrolls and innocence'd later. My friend mentioned that this katara was originally anvilled, and she anvilled it back into the sw katara. Maybe that had something to do with it?

  5. Default Re: Transposition Bug

    Can you post a picture of the SW katara?

  6. Default Re: Transposition Bug

    @Marksman Bryan;

    Added to the main post.

  7. Default Re: Transposition Bug

    Maybe it has to do with making the stats worse?

    ...why does your raven horn katara have +10 magic attack

  8. Default Re: Transposition Bug

    That has no effect, since my friend was trying to transpose a perf katara and had the same message.

  9. Default Re: Transposition Bug

    i guess since you touched it it's infected
    problem solved

    idk that doesn't make any sense try dropping -> pick up or storage or NPC -> buyback?

  10. Default Re: Transposition Bug

    He can try putting in NPC/storage, but drop trading definitely doesn't affect it (already done). The only explanations we could think of are that the katara was duped (but it was bought a few days after Commerci came out and I don't think there were any public dupes at the time) or that anvilling somehow affected it.

  11. Default Re: Transposition Bug

    Had a bunch of junk scrolls, and was testing to see effects of PSOK on transposition lol.

    Tried doing storage and NPC before, had no effect. Submitted a ticket to Nexon, fingers crossed.



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