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  1. Question Lightning God Ring Tradeability?

    I remember reading a thread on the Nexon forums a while ago (around the time of Unleashed I think) about someone trying to PSoK his Lightning God Ring, but he was unable to because it gave some text error along the lines of 'this item can no longer be traded', suggesting a scissor limit similar to the ones put in place with additional options in KMS. Was just wondering if anyone has traded a Lightning God Ring 5+ times and is able to confirm that it is still tradeable?

    Mostly just curious.. I haven't heard about any issues with LGRs since then and I don't know if that's just because generally people who have them are loyal to one character, or if it isn't an issue any more.


    Found the thread if anyone was curious, not much information but that's where I heard this at least ^
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    That is because of a system implemented in KMS to do with flames of reincarnation. As long as you don't use a flame, the ring won't have the "5 count". Since flames will probably never be implemented you don't have to worry about this ^-^

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    But we don't have flames in GMS and it seems to have happened that one time, at the least.

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    Yeah, I ask because it seems to have already happened (at least on this one equip), despite the fact that we don't have flames/additional options in GMS. I reserve a special hatred for untradeable equips and I'd be extremely disappointed if I ended up trading my LGR around a lot and it eventually became locked to one character =/

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    I've traded my LGR 3 times and haven't had any problems so far.

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    i think mine has been trades for like 4 different times because ive seen it go around from shop to shop on some different chars
    but maybe its cause it didnt need the psok yet lolz



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