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  1. Default Does xpadder still work?

    I play an Aran. I used to use joy2key, but my xbox controller now has a barely working B button because there was no turbo. So I got xpadder, which has the turbo I needed to save my controller (and my thumb).

    But it seems when I plug in my controller, Maple now registers it completely and overrides xpadder's key mapping. The controller's buttons only respond to Maple and not xpadder. From what I heard, Maple's built-in joypad system is less responsive than joy2key and has no turbo anyway, so that's useless to me.

    Is there any way to get xpadder working like back in the day? I just came back so a recent patch must have caused something with the controller interactions in this game.

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    Just tested and it still works fine for me. I've had a few problems with Xpadder in the past, all of which were resolved by going to device manager, uninstalling the controller as a device, unplugging it, uninstalling Xpadder, then plugging the controller back in and reinstalling. My sister used to have a weird issue where the only button that would work with a controller was jump, regardless of which button she set jump to in-game, I've never seen anyone else with that though. It was working fine when she started playing again a few months after iirc.

    *when I say uninstalling I mean just deleting all the Xpadder related files, since I don't think it actually has an installer

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    You must also turn off the joypad key settings in game when you plugin the controller or it will go into a press both buttons. When its plugged in there will be default keys attached there, feel free to delete and it should remember your last settings.

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    I did that, didn't work.

    controller plugged in, all ingame joypad options set to none, keyboard works again, xpadder and my controller still don't.

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    If XPadder fails, make sure you run as administrator when starting it. I was only commenting on the default keys in addition to what Mazz said.

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    No, I got xpadder to work. Mashed some buttons on notepad and it works.

    Unless running as admin somehow lets it override Maple, if that's what you meant.

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    It allows it to run on maple for quite a bit of people that had trouble before. Since i disabled the pop up admin thing, all my stuff runs as admin. I have it running fine on 2 computers for MS. If it fails, restart and attempt again I suppose.



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