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  1. Default The Wheel of Time series

    Seeing as we lack a Literature/Books/etc subforum.

    I'm curious if anyone else has read them, favorite characters, villains, etc. I'm about 3/4 through book 12 and
    . I mean, I'm glad that the pace of the books is picking up, especially after several books of nothing really happening, but it's rather frustrating that certain characters appear to be showing little/no positive development (if anything, the opposite is happening).

    At least Mat's still awesome. And
    . I'm also a bit sad that
    went down so quickly - both of their deaths were extremely anti-climatic and happened way too quickly for my tastes.

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    Default Re: The Wheel of Time series

    Sorry, I only read six books. I really liked it at the start, but by the end of book 6 it was apparent the series had succumbed to Zeno's Paradox*, while at the same time each book got bloated with lengthy pointless descriptions and repetitions (just how many braid tugs can one read about, really?). I wouldn't mind taking the scenic route if it were, well, scenic, but I no longer felt it was.

    I did continue to buy the books, I think I have up to volume 10 or 11, telling myself that if the series were ever completed, I'd read the lot. With the years, though, my need to know "how it ends" has disappeared.

    * Zeno's Paradox: Consider an arrow fired at a tree. Before the arrow can reach the tree, it must pass the halfway point between archer and tree. Call that point A. After that, the arrow must pass the halfway point between A and the tree. Call that point B. After that, another halfway point, ad infinitum. No matter how close the arrow gets to its target, there is still a halfway point it needs to pass. An infinite number of points, which must thus take an infinite amount of time, so the arrow can never reach the tree.
    (That's actually a mish-mash of several of Zeno's Paradoxes, but the general gist is preserved).

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    Yeah. Books 6 through 9 or so were a slog through a mire of tedious descriptions and very, VERY little character growth. They lost a lot of the excitement and wonder of the first few books. It's gotten a lot better again by book 12, but that's a lot of reading to get to the payoff.
    has grown a LOT character-wise after

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    Never read them myslef.

    Taken from wikipedia:
    Stretched things out quite a bit there.

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    Yep. And about 1/3 of the stretch is descriptions of dresses.

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    I really feel that the original writer was lengty in his descriptions but that did not bother me at all. I actually like it to have accurate descriptions.
    Now the last books are written by someone else, and he has a lot more pace than the old writer. I think both are quite good!

    I have read the entire series (3 times actually) and I can say that this is one of the only series with a satisfying end. Of course there is a lot which you wanna know, but when I laid down the book I had a happy feeling :)

    I can certainly say that this is an epic series which I recommend to everyone!
    Ask me anything about it if you wanna know something ;)

    My favourites:
    Rand after a certain event in book 13 I believe, end 12? He becomes so much different and he is so awesome :P

    Marts all round behavior is also quite epic, one of the best moments is when he defeats a swordmaster with a wooden stick :)

    The bad about it:
    It is without a doubt: Females in the series are ENRAGING. I really felt quite angry now and them because they all act superior. I love the moments where those stupid thoughts/actings are crushed! When Mart gives on of the Aes Sedai an colossal asswhooping (literally) I laughed for about 10 minutes.
    I am for equality, not superiority of male or female.

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    I remember you mentioned these in the IRC once. I was thinking about reading them after what I'm currently reading, however that might take some time. Hopefully this thread will be alive still by the time I can actually participate fully .-.

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    I have followed Wheel of Time for a crap load of years. I started reading them 15-20 years ago.
    I think they could have done more with the ending, but all in all, it was decent.

    As for characters, I have a few on top of my head:
    Mat, Thom and Tuon. Great stuff right there.
    Rand is an ass hat straight through and Perrin is so dull it hurts.
    Nynaeve, the queen of spunk. Greatness.
    Padan Fain is an interesting character, but he never gets to his full potential.
    Oh, and I hate the entire Aiel. So stereotypical.

    If you like what Brandon Sanderson did with the last three books, I can't begin to recommend his Stomslight archives series enough. It is not finished yet, but so far it surpasses Wheel of Time in awesome factor.

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    Never heard of. I might check it out :)
    I am a hufe fantasy book fan

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    Stormlight Archive. I truly enjoyed it, and I have read fantasy for 20 years or more.

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    Going to order it ;)
    Also you might wanna try the series : The Night Angel Trilogy - Brent Weeks
    Though it is sometimes a bit on the mature side it is definitely one of the best!

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    I'm about a third into the second last book, and I have to say, even when at times, the series just plods on and on, I've enjoyed it as a whole.

    For me, I started it from the beginning again last May, just because I always wow'ed at the number of pages in each one, and wanted to read the whole thing, and off I went. Personally, I like how the author(s) are able to masterfully switch perspectives from one character to another almost seamlessly.

    I remember being where you were roughly a month ago, and all I have to say is, "keep reading. It gets better".

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    I stopped at book 4, but will definetely pick it up again once I have the time. It's a pretty good serie with a crapton of characters like I love them, but again nothing compares to A Song of Ice and Fire.

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    I'm about 1/4 into book 13 now. pomegranate's getting good.

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    Default Re: The Wheel of Time series

    I have read them, probably my favourite series. I was rather disappointed in the ending though.

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    Finished the series about a week ago and I agree somewhat. Lots of loose ends and overall the ending was...

    Very good series and worth the 2 years it took me to read through them. Starting A Song of Ice and Fire now!

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    Default Re: The Wheel of Time series

    Oh hey this thread exists.

    I actually found the pacing terrible for the last book since I was hundreds of pages in before the Last Battle actually began. I think the Sanderson did a respectable job finishing the series and resolving the frayed plot ends, but inevitably a few got missed or were just interpreted very differently than expected. Matt and Tuon continued to stand out and belong with some of my all time favorite characters.

    I finished Sanderson's 4 Mistborn books recently and absolutely loved them. You can add them to the list after you finish A Song of Ice and Fire!

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    Yeah, I was a bit surprised that

  19. Default Re: The Wheel of Time series

    I've reread this series from the start with every new book released since I started reading them about 17 years ago, and if you really comb through it, you will find answers to everything. Every time I reread it I find new things, in fact, I would say this series isn't actually at its best until the second or even third reading. I also read the "World of" book going into the backstories of everything but, honestly, almost all of that information is found in subtexts and/or subtle references made, especially ones made by the Forsaken. A lot of times they are just talking out how they are used to things being and indirectly reference extremely important events during the War of Power or the Age of Legends. I'm an extremely detail-oriented person, to the extent that I found most of the chapters going into ridiculous detail on inane topics such as "looking through a pile of garbage" to be almost softcore erotica.

    Aside from the information that is available, rereading the entire series over and over also reveals a LOT about the laws of physics and basic rules of nature in their world. On my first reading, I assumed the Forsaken were basically the Dark One's ta'vern, which is sort of true, but at the same time, not.


    The women in these books are...pretty strong figures, to say the least, and for someone like me, you would think that would automatically mean I would hate them, but I actually don't. Nynaeve actually shapes up to be quite a nice young lady by the end of the series, just took a bit of humbling from Egwene, a bit from Moghedien, a bit from various people, until finally she got the stick out of her ass. Elayne was kind of peachy in the final books but, damn, she's pregnant, cut her some slack. Post war of power is DEFINITELY a Matriarchic society, and there ARE quite a few real pimentos among them, but most of the main females were not bad people to me, even Cadsuane, who I actually like the most of all the women in the series. She and Sorilea made such a considerable impact when they worked together that without them I don't think the War could have ended in victory, but then, the same could be said for most of the characters, it all goes back to what I stated earlier in one of the spoilers, everything is simply a cog working toward the end.


    The only questions that remain to me are about Shara; they never had a huge presence, but I just can't equate them into the grand picture of this turn, I can't get a full timeline on them without any breaks, something is just missing there and it has irked me for years.



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