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  1. Default What should I cube?

    I want to increase my range but I am not sure entirely what I should prioritise to cube first. I want to cube something that will increase my range the most, but with least amount of cubes. What do you guys think are good items for me to cube first?

    Here are the items I'm considering to cube:
    Legendary Potential
    - hat with 9%str+9% str
    - top with 12%str+6%all stat

    Unique Potential
    - 9%str+6%str(tyrant and RA bottom)
    - Tempest and Pinnacle Ring (6%all stat+6%str+6%dex)
    - Reinforced Gollux Ring (9%str+6%dex+6%luk)
    - Zero Sworrd 10%str+7%atk+7%Total DMG =(20%str+14%atk+14%Total DMG)

    Epic Potential
    - Ghost Badge (6%str+3%str+12str)
    - Superior Gollux Ring (6%str+3%str)

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    Default Re: What should I cube?


    1. More resale value and least %stat
    2. Less resale value and least %stat
    3. More resale value and most %stat
    4. Less resale vale and most %stat
    5. No resale value and least %stat
    6. No resale value and most %stat

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    Thumbs down Re: What should I cube?

    Cube everything. And buy a ton of NX. Don't wait until miracle time. I heard from a random person that Nexon will give all your items perfect stats if you buy 1000 cubes in 1 day.


    I've probably spent thousands on cubes when I played and even so, my items weren't perfect in the end stages of cubing (and soon to be replaced by the "next big thing"). Don't waste your money, don't waste your time.

  4. Default Re: What should I cube?

    The hierarchy bit is spot on, in case you accidentally cube a 3 line stat you don't need.

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    remember zero's sword cubes "for free" up to unique. you need cubes for legendary, and, lose the free ability after tier-up



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