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  1. Default Min crit dmg greater than max crit dmg

    iirc we have 120% base min crit and 150% max crit

    As a drk we have 45% in min crit dmg so that pushes us up to 165%
    With my explorer crit ring and cruel ring, i'd be at 175 and 185% min crit dmg respectively...

    my question is, am I still at 150%~150% or 185%~185% with cruel?

  2. Default Re: Min crit dmg greater than max crit dmg

    Should still be 150%~150%, min crit multiplier cannot exceed max crit multiplier.

    So, to make a better use of the excess min crit rate, you'll have to find a way to increase your max crit rate. Things that come to mind are decent Sharp Eyes (15% max crit dmg), the Thief card set (4% max crit dmg for SS), and legendary glove potential (15% max crit dmg at best). Perhaps also consider a ring that increases max crit, though I'm not sure if any exist, or will be comparable to high att/%STR rings.

  3. Default Re: Min crit dmg greater than max crit dmg

    Just a comment. DPS increase from increasing maxcritdamage is almost always poorer than %stat lines for several reasons. Average crit damage takes the average of min and max crit damage i.e. whatever the increase in maxcritdamage, you halve it. Not only that, but also if you don't have 100% crit rate, this effectiveness is also reduced to whatever your crit rate is. In addition, if you have DSE or other skills/stuff that increases maxcritdamage, the diminishing return sets in fairly quickly.

    There is only 1 situation (that I can think of) when maxcritdamage is (far) superior to %stat. That is when you have so much mincritdamage that increasing maxcritdamage makes your avgcritdamage the value of your maxcritdamage.


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    Default Re: Min crit dmg greater than max crit dmg

    you don't even need to be 200% stat funded, dark knights can reach 165/150% crit damage solely from skills. and 75% critical chance (+10 from DSE), and +whatever the ring gives, one sits very close to 100%

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    Default Re: Min crit dmg greater than max crit dmg

    but doesn't crit break through buffed defense?
    whoops nope that's pokemon. got confused there.

  6. Default Re: Min crit dmg greater than max crit dmg

    since crit as of athenaeum
    is my cruel ring, which adds 20% min crit making it 150%~185% crit dmg (from previous 165), more beneficial than an absolute ring ?
    Similarly, how much % potentialed ring would be needed to surpass that?
    I'd assume that a cruel ring should increase dmg output by 10% but I don't understand how crit factors into everything with total/boss dmg so I'd like some more info



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