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  1. Default About some Destroyed NLC quests

    Since it's been confirmed that good ol' NLC is coming back soon, I'd like to have some things cleared up, so I'm asking some questions to those "crazy" enough to finish ALL the quests.

    I've been wondering for a long time about what does Icebyrd Slimm say when you complete "Galacto-drill goes boom" quest (300 galacto-drill kills), and when do "Alien Annihilation" quests end. Did anyone here complete any of the two?

    In this thread, someone reached a 1200 Nebu-Shovel request. She asked my same question, but got no answer. So I'll ask it again, hoping someone finally does: does it just keep going on forever, or stop at a certain number?

    I actually never had the time / will to attempt doing those myself. Considering that you can only kill Galacto-Drill 5 times a day, it'd take 60 non-stop days to do it. It's also very annoying to reach the boss, as you HAVE to get through the elevator EVERY time, and the drop rate of the Galactic ID Card isn't that high. I could only bear killing it 100 times. About the Nebu-Shovel ones, well.. I really didn't feel like it was worth gathering over 1200 of those.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would have continued but I lacked the inventory space to continue the shovel quest.

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    Default Re: About some Destroyed NLC quests

    I want to say that the Nebu-Shovel quest just goes on forever but I can't exactly confirm that for sure...

    As for the Galacto-Drill repeat quest, the dialogue that's mentioned is kinda pointless. :|

    I was fortunate enough to still have a screenshot of it somewhere.

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    My bad, I meant "Galacto-drill goes boom", not "The Alien Mainframe" (basically the latter is that which you have to complete 300 times to finish the first one).

    Thank you. I just predicted it wouldn't be worth doing it, especially storyline-wise. Such a hard quest for such a pointless dialogue.. Missing Prose so much..

    Luckily we can soon say goodbye to that content. Hopefully.

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    I doubt it's going away. I predict they will leave the existing warp in the mirror to get to Destroyed NLC. I think they will just just make a portal in town to go back to old NLC, which will also connect to old Crimsonwood. This would be the easiest path since it requires no changes to the existing map structure and all they need to do is make 1 portal. (The other option is to add old NLC to the mirror, but that's not really necessary if they simply put a door in Destroyed NLC.)



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