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    Hello everyone. I noticed that many members who frequent Southperry have YouTube channels, so I decided to launch my own recently and upload some bossing videos.

    Originally, my only intention was to upload private recordings of scrolling/cubing footage as proof (in the case of an arbitrary item deletion spree like we've had recently). But for the time being, I wanted to share the accumulation of the knowledge gained and the progress achieved over the past year and a half through these videos, with an emphasis on technique and completion speed (for a Xenon).

    Here are a few...

    Mu Lung Dojo:

    Empress Cygnus:

    Chaos Root Abyss:

    And more to come later, maybe.

    (Perhaps, I should diversify the music selection... they're all anime songs lol.)

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    Should've just made the three cRA videos their own individual clips :(

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    I figured as much. I got a bit carried away with the pan/zoom tools and keyframes in Sony Vegas... they might've been wholly unnecessary, perhaps even distracting. Though, I made the cuts with intent to skip the boring, time-wasting parts (like rebuffing), and to allow for the action to be as fluid as possible. But if I seek to demonstrate the technique involved, then yes, the clips ought to be (relatively) unedited.

    Anyway, thanks for your input, I appreciate it. I'll probably upload the clips individually later on this week, if anyone's still interested. Currently working on hell gollux and cpb, so stay tuned!

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    Here you go.

    Attack on Gollux:

    Chaos Pink Bean Soup:

    All I can say is... buff duration is one of the best inner abilities, ever.

    Thanks all for watching! Up next on the list are full-length CRA runs and an equipment video, which should be the last set for a while.

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    wow, you have the sickest control ever

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    This will be my 200th and last post on Southperry.

    I have decided that I will no longer be playing MS, not even leisurely. I began having thoughts of discontinuing play since last December/January, when two waves of item/meso duplication exploits were unleashed. Not only did it pomegranate on the progress of "legit" players by creating enormous downtime and inducing an irreversible exposure effect (items being perceived to be valued lower because they had reached a nadir at some point), but it also revealed quite a lot about the people neighboring me in-game. Quite frankly, I felt alienated by certain individuals who had lost their items by partaking in the exploit, starting threads and submitting tickets for a seemingly "misguided" item deletion spree (although this is true for a minority, I'm not talking about those who were genuinely victimized), expecting a compensation for losing the gamble. By the same token, if those individuals had in turn won the gamble, then they would not have expressed the same remorse. It's a lost cause. Then soon arrived the individual drop fix for bosses earlier this year, which not only shattered the already-deteriorating economy for bosses due to hackers, but also crushed the concept of "teaming up". From my perspective, it did not encourage joining forces and partying, but rather, it encouraged people to become "looting mules" for others, greatly accelerating the rate of items entering the market, indefinitely flooding the supply. Another impetus was this "MapleStory Second Chance 2.0" (are you pineappleing kidding me), which has led to a substantial amount of old Scanian hackers returning on their unbanned accounts. The time that I spent writing reports and SUCCEEDING to slowly eradicate hackers/exploiters from my server has now gone completely to waste. But more importantly, I just can't seem to find the time to play actively anymore. I begin my first year of university this fall, and I think now is a good time to put this game to rest and shift my priorities for the better.

    Equipment video:

    This character is the result of roughly $7,400 worth of NX purchased exclusively with mesos over the last year and a half; this figure doesn't even take into account the purchases of essential items in the FM. In retrospect, I find it stupidly ridiculous how much money, regardless of it being in-game currency transposed into real-life currency, was needed to finance a character in an ONLINE GAME. Keeping it up-to-date is a demanding task, and it often feels like working a part-time job that has no merits. And as of now, given that Nexon still does not cease to demonstrate its incompetence as a company, I cannot help but view the sustainability of this game with immense skepticism. Not worth writing home about.

    Nevertheless, the time and effort spent was not in the least regrettable. It offered a challenge as to the amount of time toward the game I could partition each day, and I felt that the gradual upgrading process was rewarding.
    But above all, researching to learn and understand the game mechanics was the most exciting and meaningful to me, and I owe many Southperry users who were experts in that area for their many contributions and helpful answers along the way.
    The result of this is my summary of all useful stat conversion formulas and damage calculations for Xenon compiled into one large Excel file that I have made available for public scrutiny and usage. It can be viewed/downloaded here: (Google Docs fails to translate a section of data validation on Sheet #2 and distorts two drop-down lists, so I recommend referring to the original copy for best results).
    Although it is based on my own character, the information can be easily extrapolated with a brief analysis and then re-applied to one's own character. I found it exceptionally useful for comparing items, potential lines, etc., as the data inputted can be used to predict an outcome without it actually occurring in-game.

    This idea of producing theoretical models on paper was one of the few driving forces that kept me playing, as I was always curious and motivated to test the expected values in a real scenario.
    Which would explain this incomplete video:


    In closing, I think this website, Southperry, and its community is amazing. There's so many useful resources available and threads of meaningful discussion stored in archive, so I urge people to take advantage of all the information that's floating around.

    Thank you all for the wonderful time.

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    IGN: Mundayo
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    Level: 210
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    Guild: Dojo
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    Farm: HappyPlaces

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    Best of luck with your future endeavors. It's very sad to see someone go like this when it comes to hackers and these exploits. I've read some very informative and helpful posts from you in the past, and you've also encouraged me to continue my Xenon and for that I thank you once again.

    Although, I've only been apart of Southperry for a short time, I hope that myself and others can share the same experience that you've had and give back at the same time.

    PS: your videos are not lame!

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    Although I hope to see you for a little bit more until the final departure, I will formally say the properly written good-bye here. I bid you well to your next chapter in life (college lul, fun and stressful times). It was one heck of an experience with you while playing this game. When I came back from a long hiatus, I didn't expect much from this game other than satisfying my boredom. Little did a know that I would get to grow up to become a decent xenon with a stranger whom I met in game because of a mutual friend. From starting a completely new guild together to killing bosses together. I really enjoyed your company in game and I will always cherish those moments. I don't know about you, but I feel like we have created a passive, but covalent bond together. no homo. You will be missed and I will make sure to take care of that lag for you Farewell Unific, adieu, au revoir.

    Your fellow xenon friend,

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    Thanks for being a great friend in-game, I know we drifted a bit after I took a break, but it was great playing as well as learning from you. I hope your future endeavours all work out for you!



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