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Thread: Yeah ok.

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    Ok so, whats new guys. : ^)

    It sucks cause some of your users seem nice, but your mods are total butts.

    Are you gonna lock this thread too? is my attention to much for you to control? When A child seeks attention, And is throwing a temper tantrum, what do you? Do you lock them in a room? Do you beat them? The best course of action is to not give them what they want. Attention.

    : ^)

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    Also, since this is gonna be locked instantly by a child, ill just say, Contact me in PM, since clearly that is the only way to communicate!

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    Default Re: Yeah ok.

    It's pretty arbitrary what they define as spam and what is flooding.

    oh right. flooding is, outside of actual flooding (which would be repetitive posting when edits would work just as fine, or very large images), basically "things that any given mod doesn't like"

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    this isn't gaia online's chatterbox forum, stop acting like it is

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    Stop oppressing me. Im not flaming you, and im not hurting you. You are just controlling me for no reason.

    You are being a racist!



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