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Thread: Helmet for INT

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Helmet for INT


    I had no idea they even existed until a friend pointed it out.

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    WOW they finally released 60%? That makes me really happy. I've destroyed 33 zhelms using only 70% helm int. So maybe this will allow me to finally finish my helm one day.

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    Cool, looks like the Sleepywood gachapon is getting better =]

  4. Harrisonized


    How do you know its Sleepywood Gach?

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    The fact that it has 60% at the end of the name of the scroll means that it was translated from Korean, and Korean 10/60/100% scrolls come from Sleepywood.

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    The "missing" 60% scrolls that are really expensive all come from Sleepywood. They would be more common, but for the Zipangu Gach getting humped 24/7.

    Good source of dark scrolls - Zipangu
    Good source of 10%/60% scrolls - Sleepywood

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    I had no idea either until I saw this the other day and almost cried.


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    I'll have you know, they DROP FROM MONSTERS.

    Homunculus, to be exact. I found one. Had no idea they were THAT rare and sold it for 15M =/

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    But really.
    That SHOULD me we have 10%s too yeah?
    I wanna 60 me a zhelm.

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    ^Oh, that would explain things. Nexon copied drop tables exactly from kMS, which is why there are monster book stuff popping up. I'd suggest anyone who finds one to save it because Nexon may take the drop out next patch along with the other unintended drops.

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    It is really a monster drop? It seems extremely rare for a drop, have yet to see a single one in Broa.

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    time to hunt/train on homunculus and the other monsters in that map! =P

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    yea that thingy. just killed all 13 channels worth of both Homonscullo and D. Roy (26 each, 2 per channel) and no drops whatsoever. -_-

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    new mini boss.

    after killing about 40 of them, i have gotten 1 Doombringer. -_-
    Edit: nvm that was either the Homunculus or D. Roy



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