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    Coming back to the game after a 3 year hiatus. I quit right before dual blades were released. I've got a bunch of questions, the biggest of which is in the title. I used to play in windia with a 100 mech, 120 tb, and 94 UA sair worth about a bil back in that time, with ravana helm, %dex rac mask, and a set of evolving rings. I'm most likely going to be playing in chaos because my friends are there.

    BARRAGE OF QUESTIONS [The first three are really the most important]
    1. What main character should I select?
    Things I'm looking for:
    Most efficiency in powerleveling
    Ability to grant bonuses/"fund" future characters
    Best DPS coming from scratch.
    Mobility and diversity of skills (I have been specifically eye'ing the beast tamer, xenon, luminous, zero, and angelic buster)
    LAZORS. I love the cannoneer's rainbow cannon thing, but I'm not a big fan of any other of its skills.
    I don't want to play anything that was created before the dual blader as a main

    2. I heard about something new called character decks? What characters should I make to support the main? Are there any universal ones?

    3. What the heck are professions/what I need to know?

    4. Is it better to actually stay in windia? If it means that the journey is easier to start and sustain, I may actually just stick to that and immigrate later.

    5. Any new areas/Events currently I should know about/get on?

    6. Are there any new level restricted quests that have valuable rewards I should know about?

    7. Any new modes making bank? I used to leave my computer on overnight and merch, don't know if that's still the norm...

    8. Any other general info on new content I should know? (general equips I should get etc)

    It's fine if you direct me to threads/ info blogs too for general info. Thanks ahead of time!

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    Default Re: Help me pick a new character

    Sorry I can't answer any of your questions, but I can tell you that World Transfers don't exist anymore, so don't count on starting in Windia and going elsewhere later.

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    Thanks regardless. Are there any specific places where I can read up on info to catch up?

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    1. I feel like Xenon fits most of these categories nicely. Decent leveller, good Link Skill, pretty decent damage output and Mecha Purge has lasers. Not much diversity in skills though, but the mobility is very good.

    2. Kanna and Demon Avenger (%Boss Damage), Mechanic (%Buff Duration), Hayato (%Min Critical Damage), Marksman (%Critical Rate), Zero (%experience gain), Demon Slayer (%Status Resistance), Cannoneer (-% experience lost from death) and Mercedes (-%Cooldown Duration) are good for essentially all characters. Your other slots should be filled with characters that boost the main character's main/secondary stats: I think Angelic Buster (DEX), Kaiser (STR), Luminous (INT) and Xenon (STR, DEX, and LUK) are the only ones who increase stats.

    3. Professions allow you to make things. Accessory Crafting does what it sounds like, Smithing is for making armor, and Alchemy allows you to fuse items together (may possibly come out with potential) and make potions.

    4. Sapta fielded this nicely. World transfers no longer exist.

    5. Gollux and Commerci. RED events right now.

    6. Not particularly. The newly revamped Ninja Castle is your best bet.

    7. Not really, unless you're strong enough to take down immensely powerful bosses (Hell Mode Gollux), or you're really lucky (Commerci voyages).

    8. Best equipment right now is the Chaos Root Abyss set (Royal _______ Hat, Eagle Eye ________ Top, Trixter ______ Pants, and Fafnir weapon of choice), Tyrant Belt/Cape/Shoes, and Superior Gollux equipment.

    The best badge in the game right now can be acquired through the Singapore quest line where you kill Captain Latanica. Don't boom it.

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    1. If you want most efficiency in leveling, I would probably point to Phantom or Beast Tamer. The first class can steal Holy Symbol, and other class skills for optimum leveling. Beast Tamer is really, really good for training and may be able to get into plenty of parties due to being rather Bishop-esque in all the party skills they offer.

    2. The character deck will depend on your main. If your main is STR based, you need to level a Kaiser/Xenon for the STR boosts. Some nice universal cards though would be : Mechanic (+%buff duration), Zero (+bonus EXP), Battle Mage (% damage reduction), Beast Tamer (Ignore Defense).

    3. I'll answer to the best of my knowledge for this one. Professions let you make stuff for yourself, and you'll need to figure out which one you want to go. Alchemy needs Herbalism to gather plants to make the ingredients, while Accessory Making/Blacksmithing has the same idea apply to Mining. You can learn both Herbalism and Mining, but you can only choose 1 of 3 creation professions.

    4. If you like Windia, by all means stay. Starting in a new world can be a real drag if you don't know anyone at all in the new world.

    5. RED Shop items. Killing monsters drop RED boxes, which can be opened for RED coins. There are quite a few good items in the RED shops, such as level 105 weapons with attack bonuses about equal to a level ~130-140 weapon for each class. A great way to keep up with training later on. You can only get up to 20 RED coins a day from the RED boxes, and the weapons cost 70 coins each. You can always choose to get a few to sell later on, since they don't become untradeable. That means you can equip a Revolution weapon, use it until you get a better weapon, and simple unequip and sell it later down the road.

    6. There's the Beast Tamer Critical Ring quest. Get a Beast Tamer to 130, and you get a ring that gives a nice +Critical Hit rate and is tradeable in your account once.

    7. There's supposed to be an Auction House feature that for some reason got pulled back. For that, you can put up an item for the auctioneer and they sell the item for you. Very sure certain restrictions apply. We'll probably see it again in the future.

    8. Try to follow Tot's quest recommendations whenever you can. It's usually the best/easiest way to level up for any class. Of course if you're funded enough you can ignore it and power level away, but it's all up to you. Tot can also give you free levels at certain points.

    Sorry I can't answer more. Hope this helps for now.

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    Thanks so much for the extensive reply. Expanding on 1 a little more, I'm going to be playing alongside a priest for the most part, which job offers the most dps/mobbin potential? And I've read that making a Mihile first is a given, why is that?

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    Just as a note, the explorer classes were pretty significantly revamped in the RED patch, so a few of them are much different than what they used to be. Just pointing that out in case you're avoiding them since you already tried the old versions.

    1. I have to disagree with Phantom and agree with the Xenon choice by other posters. In particular, Phantom isn't terribly great in terms of powerleveling or raw DPS in my experience, even if its link skill is pretty good. Xenon seems to fit your requirements the best:
    a) For powerleveling, 2nd/3rd job is average, 4th job is amazingly fast.
    b) The link skill for Xenon is %stat, which will be valuable for any next character you make. Also, being good with bossing means you could potentially sell boss drops to fund future characters.
    c) Xenon's raw DPS is pretty decent and scales up very well with equips.
    d) Xenon is quite mobile and is good at both bossing and mobbing
    e) Xenon has some laser-like skills

    2) The only thing that I have to add to the previous posts is that grouping character cards by class archetype (warrior, mage, archer, etc) will give you additional bonuses.

    3) You can only have one of three professions: Alchemy, Smithing, and Accessory Crafting. Most of the things that you can make aren't game-breaking except for the newest update to professions, where you can get to level 11-12 (called Master Craftsman and Meister level) in professions (the normal max is level 10). You need to craft items daily to stay at these levels, and you can create cubes with Smithing at those levels and pretty good potions with Alchemy. Accessory Crafting doesn't have as interesting stuff at Meister level, but you can easily create Half Earrings which you can also fuse to get some decent potentials off the bat for a small funding boost.

    4) Can't comment on this

    5) Besides what other people mentioned, you should make sure to farm the upcoming Valentine's Candy event starting on 2/07

    6) Ghost Ship, Ninja Castle, LHC, Neo City give you mastery books on completion. Not super valuable but will save you a tiny bit of mesos.
    Definitely do Ghost Ship for the badge also.
    Gollux and Commerci are quite good for higher levels (140+) as far as bossing.
    Can't think of any quests off the top of my head.

    7) Not really. It's the same as always: either get valuable drops from highest-tier bosses or merch your way up.

    8) A little too vague for me to think of anything in particular right now.

    EDIT: The only reason why anyone would suggest making Mihile first is to get the stance link skill. Otherwise, that class is a total waste of time (imo).

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    Thanks to everyone who replied! I think I'm definitely going with a xenon and make my decisions from there.

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    Mihile's link skill isnt too usefull unless you can keep it up 100% of the time or have another stance skill that syncs with it well like infinity(thanks to buff mastery)
    The link skill at level 2 with ~80% extra buff duration would bee enough to keep it up 100% of the time without stupid server lag

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    Default Re: Help me pick a new character

    Oh dang. I didn't know about Buff Mastery for AMs affecting the Mihile Skill Link. Definitely a nice idea to take note of for future purposes.

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    Luminous has some of the ghey-est levelling speed at 3rd/4th job. It has some pretty good burst-DPS too, and is survivable (except for DR). Aside from that it's... ok.




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