Toshiba Laptop L-305
Windows Vista x86

So, lately I've bee having issues with the keyboard where my left arrow key started suffering from a mild case of death.

In hopes of trying to fix it I removed and "cleaned" the keyboard and now my "n" key doesn't work either (now I have left arrow mapped as RCtrl and "n" mapped as the right mouse key). Welp, two dead keys is not a big deal considering my laptop is like 6 years old.

Welp, today I restarted it and got the following black screen message when trying to boot back up:

After the message appears I can't do anything besides forcing a shutdown.

However, If I disconnect the keyboard and boot the PC up the message doesn't appear. I can then reconnect the keyboard and the computer will function normally (welp, besides the borked keys). I don't like the idea of having to disconnect the keyboard any time I need to restart my computer though...

So, any ideas on how to fix this? I've googled the problem but most of the stuff I've found seems to be related to hard drive problems. I've also tried updating the keyboard and some realtek drivers but the problem persists (Device Manager shows no issues).

I do suspect a faulty keyboard connection (after disconnecting, left arrow worked for a bit but died after a while). I also had to disable the n key because the pc would go crazy sometimes typing "n"s in text boxes. I really don't want to buy a replacement keyboard just to have the problem persist though.