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  1. Default Laptop fan doesn't turn on

    From what I can tell, my laptop fan has stopped turning on when I start my computer. I say this because I hear a humming, but the computer still turns off, and when my fan actually is on to my knowledge, it's super loud. Before this, it wouldn't come on every once in a while, and I would have to turn off and on, or let it turn off for me because I didn't notice. Now the fan rarely comes on, and the only reason I can say rarely is because it recently came on yesterday.

    I thought the dirt in the fan might be making it stop, and since it has gotten noisier, I was sure this was the problem. After cleaning the fan out, the fan didn't turn on at the first boot. Waited like 3 hours (mostly watching tv while being depressed), then decided to turn it on, and to my surprise, it worked, but still as loud as ever, even with a cleaned fan. Today the fan hasn't come on, which makes me wonder what the problem is.

    It's really loud when it turns on, but I'm pretty sure I cleaned it out properly. The fan started being noisy after I made a second account on the computer for my mom. I doubt this is the problem, but the noise started like a day after making it, so maybe worth stating..

    Is there a way to check my fan w/o other programs? I've looked one up, but I'm afraid to install, just in case it shuts down during installation.
    And I looked up fan controlling programs, but I've heard it doesn't work well with my model, so maybe you guys know of other programs?

    Pls halp troubleshoot sp

    My computer is an Acer Aspire 5749z if it helps

    -waits for inevitable "ur fukd"-

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    Default Re: Laptop fan doesn't turn on

    I'd suggest just replacing the fan. They should be relatively inexpensive and easy to instal.

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    Default Re: Laptop fan doesn't turn on

    generally, the used fan speed controller is speedfan, but not all computers have controllable fans. the only way to find out if its truely broken is to get to the fan directly to see if something is jammed in it. If anything, motor could be dying or the bearing is broken.

  4. Default Re: Laptop fan doesn't turn on

    i had some of the symptoms above with my old power supplier: i have a desktop, it had no problem turning on but the power supplier's fan made a lot of noise, even after i cleaned the dust (the same as you thought), and recently, when it began making loud noises every ~20 minutes after the startup itself ( it made noises on startup too ) i decided to take it to a technician, and he checked it and said that the power supplier is dead(the computer was still working).
    i don't really know about laptops, but if the laptop doesn't even turn on (you didn't say if you use the battery while trying to turn it on, so i'll take this case as it's without a battery) the power supplier might be dead, but remember, i dont really know a lot of laptops, and in the advice i gave i mean that even pressing the power button to turn on the laptop doesn't do make the computer even turn on and show SOMETHING.
    maybe what VerrKol says is right, but that can happen in the case that the computer does turn on.
    i hope this will help you somehow :3

    oh, and i might have an advice for you: try turn it on without the battery and see if it works (in case you haven't tried that), but i don't think the battery has anything to do with the noise of the fan.

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    Default Re: Laptop fan doesn't turn on

    My laptop's fan broke two years ago, where my computer would overheat and crash after starting even the smallest programs for more than a few minutes. Luckily I had a warranty because they had to replace quite a lot. If your fan is really broken you need to get if fixed asap before the excess heat damages some other component

  6. Default Re: Laptop fan doesn't turn on

    I had a dream, and in the dream, a voice told me to turn my computer on. I was like "nah, fok u, ur just my head trying to make me try it again", so I went to sleep. I woke up to the noise of my mom playing annoying songs on my computer. I told her no videos, because it'll overheat real quick now, but then I noticed that loud humming was back. So I went to check, and the fan was working.

    I'm honestly not sure what the problem is, but I don't think it has to do with a power supply or the heat checker not working, because when it turns on, it's random and it turns on right when you hit the button; it doesn't wait for it to get hot. I'll probably just keep my computer on for now, putting it in power save when I'm done with it. ; - ;



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