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    Default What if Taru Spirit Weapons

    What if the Taru Spirit Weapons were upgraded/merged with the Soul Weapons feature from jMS?

    Oh and I guess the raven ninja weapons could somehow be rationalized to get it too.

  2. Default Re: What if Taru Spirit Weapons

    Like every other half gimmicky weapon in the game they'd be ignored by anyone actually wanting to deal high damage on a boss for things like faffy, sweetwater or terminus weapons.

    Sad but true ;-;

  3. Default Re: What if Taru Spirit Weapons

    To be fair, the Soul Weapon system in JMS was great because it was usable on ANY weapon that was above...I believe Level 100. Anything at the time, at least. I don't know how well it would interact with all this new stuff, as to my knowledge they removed it in favor for the KMS version (which I still don't understand why).

    Overall the Soul Weapon system was great because of that flexibility. I don't know if the KMS version has any limitations, though, I never really paid any attention to it.



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