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  1. Default What would you do?

    I purchased an equip yesterday that was replaced in the same store by an exact copy five minutes later. What would you do if you realized you purchased a duped item?

    I'm especially interested in @Maryse; and @ApplePond;'s answers. Is there something specific Nexon would expect players to do?

    As far as I know, I'm the only person that's bought one so far.
    Item in question is a 30%dex Tempest Ring, one line bonus potential +10 luk. I paid 4.5b for it. I'm 90% sure it's the same one that's been floating around the market for the past 4-5 months.. I think it's safe to assume whoever got their hands on it ended up duping it and having it escape through the "item wipe" net since it wasn't a popular item like the 4%allstat/nobooms.

    I fully expect this item to never ever be removed, unless something comes out of this thread (lol).
    I feel like the morally correct thing to do would be to NPC it and get it out of the game.

  2. Default Re: What would you do?

    Write a ticket reporting that the item you bought unknowningly was replaced with an exact duplicate which makes you suspicious it's a duplicated item. I'd use it until they either close the ticket or give you further instruction, they would probably remove it and possibly reimburse you maple points because of it.

  3. Default Re: What would you do?

    Normally I'd say that this is the most ethical and reasonable course of action - but haven't there been people who've gotten punished (with suspensions or something) for reporting stuff like this because Nexon CS has zero reading comprehension? I don't know if it's true or not, but I wouldn't put it above CS to do this sort of pomegranate.

    IMO, a safer route would be to get rid of the item first (by NPCing it) and then report it anonymously.

  4. Default Re: What would you do?

    File a ticket, explain what happened and supply the IGN of the shop owner + screenshots of the shop and the two identical items. Leave the item idle in storage or inventory until the issue has been taken care of.

    Don't use the item knowing it's most likely a hacked item.

  5. Default Re: What would you do?

    You have to take into consideration his previous history and his 'reputation' does have pull, as seen in his previous thread. So I reccomend holding onto it simply because its probably more beneficial to have the item in question rather than just a picture of it.

  6. Default Re: What would you do?

    Hadn't considered that, but you're right. The question was "what would you do", and since I don't really have any reputation to speak of, I would tend more towards getting rid of it.

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    Default Re: What would you do?

    That would be reasonable advice if there were human beings who know the game reading the tickets.

    As it is, though, saying "I unknowingly bought a duped item" is likely to get you an automated response of "we're sorry, your ban will not be lifted" (with or without a ban being randomly placed) and/or the wrong item getting deleted (such as the tyrant shoe "generated" by the GM). Involving Nexon is not safe.

  8. Default Re: What would you do?

    Same as this, but they'd probably just close it with an auto reply saying don't buy things you suspect are duplicated in the future (which you obviously didn't because you didn't realise 'til after you got it, but Nexon).

  9. Default Re: What would you do?

    Sending a ticket is probably a safe bet, I don;t think they would ban you for it. Maybe post something on the official forums and see if you get a response from Nexon?

    I'd totally take the ring I you don't want it though.

  10. Default Re: What would you do?

    Logged a ticket under "Report Hack/Exploit Info" and got an auto-response + auto-close:

    Should I have logged it under a different category or is this good enough?

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    Default Re: What would you do?

    You must toss the cursed ring into the flames of Mount Doom.

    In all seriousness, while I'd be pretty miffed about spending 4.5 bil on something that I would feel guilty owning, I'd either hang onto it and send a ticket or get rid of it. It's not like you can un-buy it.

  12. Default Re: What would you do?

    I probably would just sell it tbh.

    If you keep it, you risk getting banned. Even if you submit a ticket, knowing Nexon's track record they wouldn't deal with it appropriately. Like the random automatic message that isn't even somewhat related to your problem. They might even end up banning you from a misunderstanding. Either that or your item will be deleted and say byebye to 4.5bill.

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    Default Re: What would you do?

    I know this is a crazy thing to think about but... what if the item was not duped...?

  14. Default Re: What would you do?

    Also, I should point out that I am not concerned about the mesos. I put what I paid in there to show it was a fair price for it.


    Bought it, left FM to scroll it & add two lines of bonus pot, came back and they had another one up. It was duped. Wouldn't have bothered to post if I wasn't 100% certain.

  15. Default Re: What would you do?

    To me, it's not really game breaking enough to be of concern. They still haven't touched the 20/21 attack Gold Emeralds or the 20+ attack Raccoon Masks so I would just leave it be, especially if it's been sitting for 4-5 months like you said.

  16. Default Re: What would you do?

    That would be selling a hacked item.

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    Default Re: What would you do?

    Do morals even matter in the eyes of Nexon?

    Tbh, I think you should just use it while Nexon takes their time to decide what to do, considering it'll be in your inventory if you're waiting for Nexon.

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    Default Re: What would you do?

    -snip misread- I'd drop it. Like you said, money isn't an issue.

  19. Default Re: What would you do?

    I think this should be more on the lines of trying to set an example so that players don't feel like they'll be punished for attempting to communicate. Bryan is probably one of the better applicants since he does have a history with the customer service and records almost everything.

    Although a special case this shouldn't be seen anything more as someone who's communication will be paid attention too.

  20. Default Re: What would you do?

    If I don't get a response from Nexon in a week or two, I'll just record myself NPCing it after showing & explaining it's illegitimate. I figure if anything I can at least try to set an example of how to handle a situation like this.



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