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  1. Default Chaos Vellum Healing?

    We just went to do some more practice runs and at the beginning of every run (around the 18 minute mark) he starts healing up to max HP (I can visually see him healing various amounts between 1-2m, but it has to be more than that since it keeps him at full HP).
    If it helps, we're using an F/P, Xenon, Paladin, and we just started using a Bishop for Heaven's Gate. He didn't do it yesterday when we didn't have the Bishop, could that be causing it somehow? I really have no idea. Has anyone run into this? Does anyone know what might cause it?

  2. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    Could it be a anti-hack precaution due to constant respawning?

    I'm assuming the bishop was using it's 170 hyper to keep everyone alive. Maybe when someone died and auto revived, it triggered a new anti-hack mech, since the revive didn't consume a life while the game knows someone died.

  3. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    None of us die or use up Heaven's Gate before it starts happening and we're all in the map when it starts happening though.
    The Bishop just hugs a corner until Gate is off cooldown too.

  4. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    We use a bishop solely for Heaven's Gate and have never seen this happen. Could it be a F/P skill? That's the only difference from our team.

  5. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    I don't think so. I didn't do anything differently today and this was the first time we've seen it happen. I thought it was DoT just being weird at first (like how it heals Pierre when I have the opposite hat lol) but there's no way for Vellum to heal off DoT. Plus the amounts I saw him healing were too low to be my DoT.

  6. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    In before chaos vellum nerf

  7. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    Well he's doing it today too. I took some screenshots this time:


    It seems to start low, around ~1.5m, and then works up to like ~16m.

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    Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    Never had this happen during our run.

  9. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    It has to have something to do with DoT imo. It's probably for some REALLY stupid reason, too.

  10. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    Yeah that's really the only logical explanation I can come up with too, but I don't understand why it just started happening yesterday when we've been practicing on and off for about a week and a half now. I've been using all the same skills... it makes no sense.
    Maybe the Beast Tamer patch pineappleed with something, because yesterday was the first time we'd gone since the patch. Nevermind, we started again on Sunday, and I don't remember him doing it on Sunday.

    Edit: Thought it might've been Megiddo Flame triggering it so I went to test it. I used it 3 times, and not once did it trigger the healing. *shrugs*

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    Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    Maybe Nexon did this just to make it Bleve-proof.

  12. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

  13. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    The flame wall thing has always given me the vibe it'd be glitchy. Maybe it's that?
    What does it even do? :<

  14. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    Flame Wall? Do you mean Oz's Flame Gear? I don't even use that because it hinders visibility way too much.
    I don't use Inferno Aura at Vellum either because it makes it difficult to see the tails.

  15. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    Sorry for my ignorance - I don't know FP skills. But I'm talking about the one in the screenshots you posted, there's like chunks of flame in the air/on vellum. Whatever that skill is.

  16. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    That's Flame Haze.

  17. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    Oh that. It does lots of things, but the main reason I use it is for DoT and because it slows enemies (I still really miss Slow ).

  18. Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    So I've come to the conclusion that it was Megiddo Flame causing it, even though I couldn't get it to repeat itself after trying to force it multiple times.

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    Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    Thanks for the pictures.

    I'll talk to Nexon regarding this issue.

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    Default Re: Chaos Vellum Healing?

    inb4 it was DoT rolling over after reaching some sort of cap.

    but if it were that, it should roll over on every other enemy, no?



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