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  1. Cash5 Crashing after logging in

    So when I try to log into my Zero the game crashes before I am able to do anything. This only started happening after the Beast Tamer patch and only affects my Zero, all my other characters are fine. It crashes right after entering my PIN, and the error report pops up (but no other error message). I believe it has something to do with the map my Zero was in, it is the map right before the Gollux maze. Never had any problems with logging in from there before the BT patch, and it only is affecting one character. I don't know if it is the map or class, the channel did not make a difference. Has anyone else had a problem like this or know a way around it?

  2. Default Re: Crashing after logging in

    From what I've heard, other players have had trouble logging into their zeros, but every other character works fine. Not entirely sure on what the cause could be, but mine works fine. Try looking here.

  3. Default Re: Crashing after logging in

    It's not only zero's having this problem, I don't have the link to the topic atm from the nexon forums, but it is a lot of classes that this issue is effecting,it just happens to be a good amount of zero's but mages, theives, have been effected too. It seems to be the most used character on the account that has the problem I have noticed. My kanna mule, and my zero are currently having this problem.



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