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    Come at me.

    KanColle thread?

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    Wait, how the hell? I thought it was hard to actually play KanColle, didn't they have a lottery system or something? And congratz on getting best girl.

    I wonder if something like this would ever come to the US. Because I probably can't play KanColle with out knowing some Japanese.

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    They run the lottery basically every day except for the one day per week they have maintenance. I got in on a day where they forgot to announce the exact time of the lottery. I don't know if it's actually difficult to get in because I only tried twice and the first time, it didn't accept my proxy as valid. I would just set up an automatic page refresher to do it though.

    It's a really simple game. Reading isn't really a requirement.

    Go back to your Hearthstone.

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    I felt dirty looking at that picture.

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    reading her quotes...

    she has a sanic complex

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    Beaver GET

    Just need an I-8 now and I can start wasting resources on getting a Mutsu.

    Just got a third Shimakaze trying for subs T_T
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