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    Hello fellow Southperrians,

    I have a question, please keep in mind that I am in EMS :)

    So I have a DEX scrolled face acc and a DEX scrolled eye acc.
    I want to innocence them to rescroll for Weapon Attack. However, I have thrown some Flames of Resurrection on it. The stones that KMS have. They have put some stats on my equips as shown below:

    If I Innocence this, will it erase those stats aswell?

    Thanks in advance for the answer!

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    Yes, they will. They don't count as potential or anything of the sorts.

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    That's incorrect. Your enhanced stats from Additional Options won't be affected by the Innocence scroll, only the slots and scroll effects will.


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    2 answers and they contradict each other, I am inclined to believe Curtiss (cause source).
    Is there anyone else that confirm either one of those?

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    To further confuse the issue, the GMS RED shop has two different Innocence Scrolls. One is called "Innocence" and the other is called "Perfect Innoncence". Someone said (sorry, I don't have the source handy) that the "perfect" innocence removes additional options while the regular innocence does not (GMS doesn't have additional options so both scrolls function the same in GMS).

    Edit: actually the tooltip for the Perfect Innocence originally said they reset additional options and scissor count. Nexon later fixed it to remove that line. So I assume the equivalent EMS scrolls should still have it in their description.

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    Default Re: Innocence scroll question

    Nailed it.

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    Ah, that explains a lot. It might be worth lookin into the data to see if you can spot the variable.



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