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  1. Default Turet + Arrow Blaster DC

    Not sure if it's just me, but for me, turet + arrow blaster has started dcing again these past few days. This had happened when these revamps first came into place, stopped for a while, but started happening again.

    It shouldn't be a problem with my internet, as I've had no difficulty staying online for the past few months except during crashes, and I've been able to do other things on maple without dcing. The only time I dc is when I'm voyaging and using turet and arrow blaster.

    Are any other bowmasters experiencing this? And is there any way around it? I thought it could be related to the number of attacks I was doing, so I've tried locking into something other than magic arrow to see if it'd help, but I still ended up dcing. Tried not summoning phoenix, tried using hurricane instead of arrow blaster, and nothing seems to work.

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    Default Re: Turet + Arrow Blaster DC

    It's interesting that you say that because I have been dcing a lot lately. I'm not sure if it is from blaster though because sometimes when I dc I'm not attacking

  3. Default Re: Turet + Arrow Blaster DC

    Retalion...Jack? My inspiration! Can you please make videos again ^__^
    Also, EMS still waiting for RED. I hope that there are not to many BM glitches :/

  4. Default Re: Turet + Arrow Blaster DC

    While I don't have a bowmaster, when I use the same said skills on phantom, I don't DC. However, every once in a while when the server starts lagging (or me), I start getting the hiccups and the game thinks I'm speed hacking resulting in GM Police DC. Unsure how to fix this because they're firing too fast on voyages, especially on the mobs and because I have 100% FA. I have heard of someone else having the issue (bowmaster) before and then it stopped. I haven't asked about it recently though.

  5. Default Re: Turet + Arrow Blaster DC

    Glad you enjoyed my videos. As for making videos again, I wouldn't know what to make videos about anymore. I've always made my videos based on my experiences with the game, and much of that doesn't matter anymore, with the game mostly about big numbers and whatnot. I've thought about it for years, but I haven't come across any worthy ideas. Just know that I'm still thinking, and if something were to come up, I'd put something out. But till then, I'm sorry nothing new is coming ):

    @ultimax21: can you ask your friend if it's acted up recently? Because for a while, it was gone for me too. It just kinda started up again a few days ago. If it helps, the game doesnt just shut down or give me the GM Police. It just says "unable to connect to game" and puts me back on the login page.

  6. Default Re: Turet + Arrow Blaster DC

    Finally gotten around to asking her, she says the mini patch seems to have fixed the issues. So that's nothing for you to worry about anymore.

  7. Default Re: Turet + Arrow Blaster DC

    I'm still getting disconnection issues whenever I use any combination of Blaster + Hurricne or Blaster + Blaster. This is very apparent at Gollux when I sometimes can't finish a single part.

  8. Default Re: Turet + Arrow Blaster DC

    My friend solos hard gollux by herself on bowmaster and doesn't even DC from that. Also try turning off your bird summon, and even possibly your nx clothes and effects. In general, if you lag there alone you don't have much hope I suppose. Seeing that I know people that still lag in there that aren't even bowmasters.

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    Default Re: Turet + Arrow Blaster DC

    I have never dced from using 2x Blaster

  10. Default Re: Turet + Arrow Blaster DC

    I tried it without the summon and it's a bit better, I noticed it's not only at Gollux but also at Captain Latanica and Monster Park. I don't in any of those places, MS just straight up disconnects me.



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