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    Hello! I'm here recruiting for Tempted! Tempted is an older guild in Scania and we would like to see more members become apart of our family. Below you can find some information about whats in store for you when you join Tempted!

    Level Requirements/Class Requirments: The idea that Tempted was founded on was all levels and all classes would be accepted into the guild. This is the idea that we continue to uphold till this day. You can be any level from level 1-250 and join Tempted! You can also be any class!

    Do I have to be a veteran?: No way! You can be a fresh new player who just installed the game and join Tempted! We will do our best to help you through your time in Maplestory and hopefully cause you to have a better experience because of it!

    Tempted's community: In Tempted we are a family. We always have our arms open to anyone who is interested and willing to join our family but you must be willing too as well. A large group of us talk everyday over Skype and we play other games as well. We ask that anyone who joins the guild to please make friends with everyone and come join our Skype calls (if you are able) and be apart of our great community!

    What about bossing or events?: In Tempted we do a very large selection of bosses. Below is a list of all bosses we can defeat:

    Arkarium(All modes)
    Pink Bean(Normal)
    Von Leon(All modes)
    Ranmaru(All modes)
    Daily Root Abyss runs(Normal)
    Zakum(All modes)
    Horntail(All modes)
    Crimson Wood Keep PQ
    Gollux(Easy, Normal, Hard)
    Hilla (Normal/Hard)
    and others!

    Upcoming Bosses or Sometimes defeatable bosses
    Chaos Pierre(More frequently able to kill when glitch is fixed)
    Chaos Von Bon(not fully attempted)
    Chaos Queen(Sometimes killable)
    Gollux [Hell Mode](Not yet attempted)
    Chaos Vellum(Ultimate goal!)

    As for events Tempted hosts events every month. Prizes are a variety and will not be announced until the event is posted. Events include: Jump Quest races, collection races, item hunting, and events outside of Maplestory including but not limited to: League of Legends Tournament, Warcraft 3 Tournament and Pokemon Tournaments.

    Activity?: We ask that all our members try and be active as much as possible. We understand that school can cause limited playing times for a large number of people and that's okay. We are very lenient during when school is in session when it comes to activity. Tempted itself can be very active at times depending on the time of day. More so in the afternoon then at night or early mornings. The guild has 100 people in it with 4 sub-guilds for overflow and mule characters.

    Mule characters and sub-guilds?: Since we like to keep everyone in Tempted within Tempted we have created sub-guilds for our members. These sub-guilds are made if we do not have any room in the main guild or if a member wants to keep in contact with us we can add them to a sub-guild. It helps for a person who has multiple mule characters to stay within Tempted and not miss anything!

    How do I join?: Joining Tempted is easy! All it takes is getting in contact with one of our jrs or posting your information below. If you contact anyone in game make sure you tell them what your messaging of them pertains too. Additionally you can also buddy me(the leader) if I am not on when you contact me. A list of our jrs will be at the end of this notice.

    We hope those reading this decides that Tempted is the right guild for you! We look forward to adding new members to our ever growing family! Welcome to Tempted!!

    List of Tempted Jrs and Leader:

    xSwordStaker/AnamiaStaker/KistneStaker-(Leader, current characters playing)

    Additionally you can also get incontact with valeforsword or NerfZero and either one of them will get you in contact with Junior.

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