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    I've been having this weird damage glitch ever since the BT patch where I don't deal damage to bosses*.

    *Not just limited to bosses, apparently. Not sure exactly when it started, either, but only started noticing with the BT patch.

    Here's a video of me trying to kill Green Polpo in Commerci (Rosa):

    Another video showing that it only seems to affect Righteously Indignant:

    Video on normal mobs:

    Up until about 0:36, I barely do anything to his HP bar. I went back and counted 44 ARs up to 0:35, and with a very conservative estimate of 600k per line, I should have dealt ~211mil damage to him (way more than twice the pre-buff HP of Polpo at 86mil). After 0:36, I fire ~21 ARs at 1mil per line (= about 168mil) to reduce him from 90+% to 0%. Incidentally, that's how much HP buffed Polpo should have).

    What the heck is going on? I doubt that it's just a visual glitch since it takes me the entire time to barely kill Polpo. Pre-HP-buff, I could kill Green Polpo in < 1/4th the allotted time. The only thing I've changed with my character since the patch is obtaining the Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge, but I took that off and it didn't change anything (I couldn't even kill Polpo that time because of not dealing damage).

    Probably irrelevant, but here's some screens of my equips, stats (buffed without AA or Infinity), and link skills.

    P.S. It doesn't just affect me at Commerci; I think the same thing happened at Gollux (but I can't be completely sure because I was duoing).
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    that is insane! is it coincidence that polpo HP doesnt start dropping significantly until after your damage goes above 800k? Also, is Infinity glitched? your damage should be going up steadily, but during the beginning, it stays at ~660s, then shoots up to 900, and 110k+ I'm assuming the buff hidden by the GUI is arcane aim?

    if you look at the table, your initial damage drops, before incremental increase of Infinity. until the large increase, your damage to the boss is minimal. the 'seconds' on the left are estimates off your video, and the 'seconds' on the right, are delay values of AR from different weapon speeds. from the estimates, your weapon speed is 3 or 4.

    i took some numbers off your video, maybe it will help


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    I had something similar to this happen at Toad/a few mobs in Ninja Castle earlier, I've also seen it happen at mobs in Pantheon, and a few times in El Nath. None of my attacking skills would register any damage on him aside from Venom, and Venom would only get activated by my regular attack (which I had to kill him with, seeing as without it I dealt 0 damage). I did record a video so I'll post that here later when I upload it since it isn't edited or rendered yet.

    @Outrightliar; has also been experiencing this bug I believe.

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    Default Re: Damage Glitch

    Yes, this has happened to me before as well. It actually happened once during a Commerci trade I was unable to kill Leviathan on my nightlord, even though I had been able to comfortably kill it several times before. Also, only my dark flare "summon" was able to dmg it. It has also happened at the most random places including the bugs inside Gollux's legs and Green Mushrooms at Henesys. =/

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    I've been getting this too. It seems to occur whenever my shadow partner (arc charger for TBs) runs out before I recast it. Once I do finally recast it, my damage stops registering until I manually remove some buffs via right click and recast them. This doesn't occur if I recast shadow partner while it's already active. It's been happening for a few patches now.

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    I'm glad that at least I'm not going crazy

    @Mazz; @Outrightliar; How long have you been experiencing this bug? I've only just noticed it starting with the BT patch since I can't even kill Green Polpo regularly now, but it's possible that the bug started earlier. Any ideas what the trigger is or what's in common? :\

    I tried Green Grosso again and found it to be skill specific - I don't deal any damage when I have Righteously Indignant on (at least up to a certain point which seems to be random) but can deal damage using Big Bang or AR without RI. @kayeyearekay; It's not related to Infinity or a certain damage limit (I'll upload another video showing this, later). I have noticed weird things about my range jumping up and down randomly, but I think that's another bug or something ._.

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    I only started noticing it after I got a little notice in my chat box saying "Failed to use the skill due to an unknown reason." (I made a thread about it here), but I don't know if it is related at all or not =/ It's certainly strange to say the least.

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    I get that message after I kill gollux. I think if you fight any bosses that have pot cooldown this message will display ifyou perform a certain action. For me it's when I use my demon slayer; I glitch up when i use cerebes to regain mp or raven to heal back my hp, causing my DF not to regain ever again until i restart the whole game [not just log off and log in, i mean literal restart whole game]

    My pali also gets this message when I gollux, but I don't know what causes it. It could be from my pet trying to use a potion while i have auto pot equiped, I dont know.

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    can you move that window to the left, so it wont block buffs?
    can you add a stopwatch imbed in the video? (that wont block buffs)

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    Removing pet equips and fully restarting seems to have solved the problem - for now. If @Tigeon; is right about the trigger, then it doesn't get fixed if you only restart, because I hadn't killed any bosses before going to Commerci today. Will test out after Gollux today to see if it is the case.

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    now, is it a problem when you dont restart your computer for "long period of time"?
    or is this righteous glitch all the time?

    if 'all the time' you should submit an official ticket / bug forum

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    I get this on my NL, and I have mostly observed it at Gollux.
    If I die and respawn, my skills stop doing damage even though numbers are poping up as usual, and it only happens after I buff myself using the standard non hyper buffs.
    Using my hypers and AB:s link skill enables damage again. I am fairly sure it is Bleeding Toxin that fix it up.
    It is also worth noting that the Cygnus skill Vampire still works when the bug locks my other skills down.

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    I've had it happen as well, after I died and revived none of my skills did any damage except Monkey Militia and maybe Anchors Aweigh.
    This was before the Beast Tamer patch.

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    This game has the weirdest pineappleing glitches.

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    Still doesn't beat mage cap/1 damage glitch, in my opinion. Still pineappleing weird though.



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