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  1. Default Hard Hilla Mechanic?

    So I broke 600k range today and I thought that I would try and go fight hard hilla, I definitely have the dps to take her out, and with the status resist potion I didn't get caged a single time, but the move she does where she shoots out 4 lasers 1 shots me and I know i'm supposed to get under that shield barrier thing, but the thing I'm wondering is if there is any way to tell where the barrier will be before it appears.

    I know that in normal mode there is a popup on the screen that tells you the shield is there and that I need to get under it, but in Hard mode it just seems completely random. Sometimes theres no possible way for me to get under the shield before the attack animation goes off because I am just too far away.

    I've tried looking at the way that she is facing, watching her animations, and even turning on sound, but after 4 runs I couldn't figure out if there were any tells that helped you dodge that move.

    or is that just part of the difficulty, where theres no way to completely dodge all of her attacks, because its pretty frustrating to be on the other side of the map and getting an auto death because the magic barrier happened to not appear right on top of me.

    In some Hilla Videos that I watched, it didn't seem like the attack even phased them all, but for some reason it one shots me

    in this video here at the timestamp, it looks like hes just facetanking and/or doesn't seem to be taking any damage from it
    and at other parts, the shield seems to be appearing at the same spot, and that is just not the case for me

  2. Default Re: Hard Hilla Mechanic?

    you can dodge 99% of hilla attacks because she announces her moves via screen tip. i dont know your character's movement capability, but as soon as the screen tip shows, stop dpsing and make appropriate movements. there should be plenty of time. the hardest part, cage jail, you've already beaten with status resistance.

    the shield likes to show up randomly for me too, but touch-damage facetanking is a decent tactic

  3. Default Re: Hard Hilla Mechanic?

    What screen tip? When I am in hard mode I don't see anything before it happens, Am I supposed to?

  4. Default Re: Hard Hilla Mechanic?

    did they remove the 'captions' at the top of the screen, just under the HP bar, like at Von Leon...

  5. Default Re: Hard Hilla Mechanic?

    The shield's girl pops up about a second before the actual shield, if you're watching for it and have widescreen mode you can see it a lot earlier.



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