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Thread: [Magician] Beast Tamer Guide ?

  1. Default Beast Tamer Guide ?

    Is there any Beast tamer guides out yet and which animal is good for leveling from 1-200 ?

  2. Default Re: Beast Tamer Guide ?

    No, probably because of how complex its skill system is compared to other classes. I guess it depends if you want support, attack, or are making a mule.

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    It's a completely new class, so you're basically going to have to just go with the flow.

    I personally think Snow Leopard looks a lot more appealing than people give it credit for. I'll probably be maxing out a lot of skills in it.

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    From what I've seen of the skills it looks like Leopard is for training, Bear is for bossing, Cat is for party/supporting, and the Bird thing is for mobility, though I have no idea why anyone would pick that over the other three tbh.

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    Eka (bird) has a few support sills, but most do seem worthless. For now I'm saving all my SP, I plan on maxing passives and buffs and only putting the minimal amount of points into early attacks. I will max later attacks if possible, but I don't think the early attack need to be maxed. All skills need 1 point to unlock the next. The cat seems to have many great passive support, no need to cast anything. They have some active buffs too, but seem to be lacking in attacks. Eka seems fairly bad aside from mobility (acc,avoid,speed,jump are not really that usefull)

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    Anyone know howw many medals beast tamer get from 1-200? And if they do record into collection unlike the sengoku classes :S

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    after playing to lvl 131, i like leopard skills until Bro attack, cuz it puts minions on the map like BaMs.
    then, drop the rest into bear skills, because, the leopard are all movement, and evo world doesnt need moving.

    i understand this isnt a straightforward SP 'guide' but there are SO many skills.
    Use the 'Zero' approach, and put 1 into atks, then save points to max skills.

    Unfortunately, because of how the class is structured, BTamer can only focus on one animal at a time. Since most people solo until ~130+, its ok to ignore the party skills of Cat, and the movement skills from Eagle, barring an SP reset scroll (from rewards).

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    I think this is a pretty good Idea, most of the attacks are decent at lv1 (unless they have long cooldowns), and the passives and buffs should be maxed as they will always be used regardless of level. If you are making it as a mule, it should be okay to ignore cat skills as most of them are made for partying and don't have as great effects on solo training (and cat attacks are not the best). While Eka does have great mobility and a few good supports, may of her skills seem... pointless.

    Do what you want.

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    I think they required a fixed points to unlock, not 1 point to unlock next skill?
    In other words, sometimes I have to use some SP to satisfy conditions to unlock next skills, not just only one point.

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    If you're planning on using Bear anyway, know that the first attack you have is going to be your main attack, so you should end up maxing it. Really, if you're running Bear at all, everything should be maxed (except for Deep Breath and Really Deep Breath, tbqh. Those are purely utility).

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    re: bear

    you get the 3% boss medal for maxing table flip

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    What's the difference between deep breath and really deep breath? I would imagine stronger/more range but why can you hotkey both at the same time? What's the benefit of that?

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    No benefit, really. You can throw out Deep Breath as soon as you get Really Deep Breath, because not only does it have more range, it can vac from both sides.

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    Default Re: Beast Tamer Guide ?

    Masochist Eagle+Cat Build (Parentheses indicate extra SP)
    Last edited by tecul1; 2014-01-23 at 08:08 PM. Reason: so apparently none of the beginner skills are addable looking at mike's tamer to 120 vid

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    After going tiger -> some points into bird -> fewer points into cat -> full bear, i regret doing anything but full bear. The mobility on the bird is great to have for moving around the world, but otherwise the bear trumps even the tiger, who i had believed was supposed to be the best at training while the bear was best at bossing. Not surprised that it can do both the best.

    I'm pretty sure you can't put SP into stick mastery. You get 1 sp for it every 10 levels like the skill description says.

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    I'm actually making an SP allocation guide now. I only need to do a bit more experimenting with bird and I'll pretty much be done with it.

    As it stands now, the best builds I've figured out make you choose between Leopard and Bear. There's no way to get Leopard+Cat+Bear to full usefulness, but I'm pretty sure you can get full usefulness from Bear+Bird+Cat. You can Get Leopard+Bird+Cat too, if you prefer that.

    If you want to spec deeper into bear (because Fish spin is really good, and my build only puts one point into it, which I think could be tweaker because I think the skill is really good if you don't have any in Leopard), you'll have to sacrifice some points from Bird+Cat (probably Bird; you can get decent utility from bird with 91 points, this is maxing all party skills and some selfish skills, and maxes Regroup for obvious reasons).

    It's possible to totally ignore cat, and go Bear+Leopard+Bird, I think.

    Once I'm done experimenting with Bird, however, I'll let everyone know in an SP guide thread. Only level 157 ATM.

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    i had a bit of low level mage funded gear, so i one-hit mostly everything for a LONG time, (often including misses).
    leopard skills' mobility-while-attacking was absolutely godsend. i just put too many points into leopard, by the time i wanted to Evo/mpe where the stationary bear shines.
    I purposely put the SP upside-down

    EDIT: I considered using a +skills neb but they were too expensive for my BTamer 'budget'

    15 points into Bro Attack makes roids and the larger mpe maps so easy.
    1 macho slam (unnecessary)
    20 macho dance (wall-abuse)
    15 rippling feline
    1 leopard's pounce (basic atk chain)
    15 leopard hide (utility, point filler)
    10 thunder dash (cooldown, point filler)
    20 leopard's paw (basic attack)

    Bird - for traveling purposes, not useful for grinding
    1 Fly - meh
    1 Eka Express - poor door imitation, unnecessarily long cooldown
    10 vertical draft - up-jump mobility while traveling
    5 sky walk - Burster's flash jump
    10 formation attack - weak, slow, mobbing hurricane (like burster's basic atk)

    as of level 136, i have almost no use for bird skills


    10 Table Flip
    15 Billowing Trumpet
    1 Bear Reborn -iffy on the cooldown reduction, i hvnt died, eventual max
    20 Fishy Slap - phantom's tempest clone
    1 Bear Assault - Corsair's Homing clone (for bossing)
    20 Fort the Brave
    1 Li'l Fort - this guy is STRONG!!! and has good duration
    1 Really Deep Breath - dont really use, not even at evo
    15 Bear Strength
    25 Furious Strikes - (basic atk final spam)* bread & butter
    15 Defense Ignorance - atk speed, & gonna need ignore later
    20 Fort Follow-up - (basic atk chain)
    1 Deep Breath - nearly useless
    10 Dumb Luck - stance & point filler
    10 Well Fed
    20 Majestic Trumpet
    20 Paw Swipe - Basic Attack

    I want to completely respec after hitting ~140, remove all the leopard skills, and dump them into cat skills for all the party bonuses. waiting for that free SP reset nexon gonna give us.
    Last edited by kayeyearekay; 2014-01-23 at 03:55 PM. Reason: +skills neb

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    Default Re: Beast Tamer Guide ?

    Hold on...Cat buffs carry on to other modes? The description in all buffs sort of implied hey don't which is why I thought that cat is pretty useless.

  19. Default Re: Beast Tamer Guide ?

    Party buffs do carry over.

  20. Default Re: Beast Tamer Guide ?

    If you're just going for 120, just put everything into Bear.

    1 SP into Deep Breath and Really Deep Breath since that's all they need to serve their purpose, max out everything else.

    Trust me on this one. I went Leopard at first, then proceeded to really regret it after investing SP into Bear.

    And if you want to go beyond 120..... I'd reccomend a Bear/Cat build since the Active buffs last even after you switch modes, and it gives you party utility/you can switch right before the boss dies to benefit from the drop rate passive.

    Also, the SP Reset item from 61-100 is bugged. It won't give it to you. It says "Check your inventory." even though you have the space for it.



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