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  1. Default Summon Duration?

    So I'm trying to reconfigure my character card sets and I was wondering if the Summon Duration Increase card bonuses from Jett & Corsair affect the skills with "type = 33" (pulled from previous extractions):

    Outlaw's All Aboard:
    Xenon's Hypogram:
    Namely, I wanted to increase my Hypogram duration (the description does not refer to it as a summon) but given the server latency it's difficult to test on my own if the card bonus actually increases its duration. 8% of 30 seconds is 2.4 seconds, but 16% of 30 seconds is 4.8 seconds, which is more noticeable. At the moment I only have a S-ranked Jett card, so whether the cards affect or do not affect the duration will influence my decision to create a S-ranked Corsair.

    Any insight on this topic is appreciated.

  2. Default Re: Summon Duration?

    I could test it for you, since I have both SS Jett and Corsair.

  3. Default Re: Summon Duration?

    It works on type = 33. Monkey militia is type 33 and i just timed it with 6% jett card, lasts 66 sec vs original 60 sec duration.

  4. Default Re: Summon Duration?

    I have the SS Corsair card and it definitely does effect All Aboard. The duration and cooldown is 120 seconds, but the summons last longer than the cooldown with the Corsair card. The effect I've observed with Hypogram Field is strange. The field is affected by the summon duration but the ball disappears earlier, leaving you with a field that does no damage.

  5. Default Re: Summon Duration?

    Thanks all for the quick responses.

    Oh, that's disappointing. =/ Well at least I know now that the cards DO increase summon duration, but they're useless if the bouncing ball's time isn't extended along with the field.

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    Default Re: Summon Duration?

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  7. Default Re: Summon Duration?

    Ball and field are separate summons I feel..But its useful for Hypogram Support... if you need that HP that is.

  8. Default Re: Summon Duration?

    What about the farm stuff? The ones from yeti monsters, supposedly increase summon duration if I'm reading it right.

  9. Default Re: Summon Duration?

    I considered Monster Life buffs as a way to augment my %summon duration, but it's too high-maintenance for me. =/

    But as others have suggested above, the field & orb durations seem to be separate and %summon duration seems to only affect the field. So getting more of it will do nothing for me. =/

    Probably just going to cope with the server lag by switching every other green & purple field, though I had wished to stay at purple the entire time.

    Side-note: To this day I still haven't figured out which color is superior against a single target.

  10. Default Re: Summon Duration?

    The only times green is efficient is if the target is super big and doesn't move much or at all. When its not, its so luck based whether they stay within your field or at the right spots. The corners are horrible for this, and you can't expect a moving target to happily stand still for you in the middle of the field. IIRC JoeTang said the difference of using and not using it is barely noticeable anyways, but I'd just use purple whenever the CD is off rather than switch at all. However, you don't have that luxury at gollux haha. On a related note, for comparisons with using them on gollux mobs, green field is actually lacking in damage and misses the mobs every once in a while, even when they run into the field, since the ball actually has to touch them.

  11. Default Re: Summon Duration?

    Don't each of the filed have their own CD? I know if you use one field while another is up it would remove the oldest one, but couldn't you keep switching between green and purple to constantly have a filed up? Not that it would be worth it or increase dps, but it should be doable.

  12. Default Re: Summon Duration?

    Generally not worth it I feel. I used to do that when my Hypogram was at level 1, but the casting time is just not worth it, especially for mobile bosses.


  13. Default Re: Summon Duration?

    The amount of time it would take to constantly switch them back and forth would be better spent just simply sniping. :\



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