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  1. Default path to power episode 12

    sorry i cant bring a player view into the forum i just dont know how to do it
    i hope this is not advertising
    more path to power soon
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  2. Electron Male
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    Default Re: path to power episode 12

    Nice Pink Bean solo! :D Also funny how when you're attacking the statues the Roo-D animation targets Pink Bean in the center, Never noticed that before! xD

  3. Default Re: path to power episode 12

    lol i never really cared about how it goes
    atm i just hope people here catch on my entire series and start watching and enjoying my content

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: path to power episode 12

    Here's a clue and a warning: participate in conversations. Become someone Southperricans like and/or respect, and want to see play.
    Doing nothing on Southperry but posting your videos and exhorting people to watch them will get you infractions for advertising and eventually a ban.

  5. Default Re: path to power episode 12

    i have no problem with joining conversations and everything
    its just when it comes to game mechanics im a tad lost lol
    and this forum has a PHD on this games mechanics lol



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