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  1. Default Fantasy Dark Knight Reorganisation

    Here's another one. It's centered around the Final Pact skill, which I have made changes to also. It focuses on the counter that you have to reach to revive from Final Pact, where you have to choose between fast hits or slow, stronger hits. A perfect balance produces the maximum damage output. A bit too much of either and you'd either lose out on damage or die. There are a few skills to help you get into the Final Pact state, to give you extra bonuses while in the state and to help reduce the counter quicker. Even the Beholder gets in on the action, instead of being its own, isolated aspect of the Dark Knight. Not too much too say here; read the skills and author comments below instead. Final Pact-centered skills in purple inside commentated section.

    I also have a Marksman revamp posted here. Well, it's not posted. But it's done.

    Damage per second (1v1, 0% PDR)

    Dark Knight (hypers)

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    I can't tell if this is brilliant or mad, funny how those go hand in hand but it sounds fun!!

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    Default Re: Fantasy Dark Knight Reorganisation

    I don't get anything on this, first you give them a drain and then you make them need to have lower hp to get more damage? and half the skill descriptions don't make sense(to me at least).

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    What's the difference between brilliant and mad? :P

    Hyper Body prevents draining.

    Edit: I changed Wear a Helmet (now Reinforced Darkness) anyway, since it raised the question of whether to max it or not for training without Hyper Body (and the status resistance).

    Which ones don't you understand? They all seem quite straightforward to me.
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