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    Default Question about item sets

    So, I know that, whilst in your profile screen, if you click on the Item Sets tab, you can select and organize a few items and assign them for a particular champ, you can have those items right on the forefront of the shop menu in game, instead of having to scroll through every individual item.

    Does anyone use this, and how would you organize your items if you did/would?

  2. Default Re: Question about item sets

    Too annoying to set up IMO, I just usually use the full item list (right tab)
    If I'm in a rush though, most items I'll be getting anyway build off of something that riot's choice items also happen to build off of. ie, looking for Hydra I would go to BT -> vamp scep -> Hydra.
    Also, it's not bound to your account, rather than your computer. As such, I don't find it very useful.

    The best thing would be to just make a list of all the viable items in this season, and just enable it for every champ. (Boots, SV, Sunfire, BT, IE, Hydra, BoRK, LW, SS, trinity, DfG, Deathcap, Zhonyas, etc.)
    Maybe have a tab for AP/AD

  3. Default Re: Question about item sets

    I don't even use the normal shop correctly.

    I played before the S3 shop changes, so if I want to buy a Zeal and the first thing I see is a Rejuv Bead, I have a game of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure with the shop:

    Rejuv Bead -> Warmog's -> Ruby Crystal -> Phage -> Triforce -> Zeal

    Sometimes I get a little carried away...

    Cloth Armor -> Warden's Mail -> Frozen Heart -> Chain Vest -> Sunfire -> Giant's Belt -> Warmog's -> Ruby Crystal -> Catalyst -> Mana Crystal -> Sheen -> Amp Tome -> Void Staff -> Blasting Wand -> Deathcap -> Needlessly Large Rod -> Zhonya's

  4. Default Re: Question about item sets

    I use it for all of my most commonly used champions and champions I can end up getting stuck playing. Sometimes it just gets confusing switching between characters so often, so setting up a stagnant item set that I can use flexibly depending on certain circumstances helps a lot. It also helps with champions I like, but don't play often enough to always remember the builds I use.

    For instance, here's one of my Udyr item sets for a role I don't play often :


    I put all of my most commonly built items for the role in a "standard build" section, then make another with items I need for instances like, "are they mostly AD?" "Are they mostly AP?" "Do they have a lot of crowd control?" "How fed am I?" etc.

    This also helps me a lot if I don't play for a week, a month, or whatever and I come back and I don't know what to build.

  5. Default Re: Question about item sets

    I used to but then I had to repair the client so I never made more.



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