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  1. Default Puzzles and dragons

    I just recently got addicted to this. If you play and need some help, here's my monster list so I can use them as a lead for a day if you need like odin or something;

    I recommend using this as it does organize the monsters you have :P

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    Only the noobest of the noobs play this game Dustin.

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    Is this that smartphone game that's big in Japan?

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    Maybe, i know they do a lot of tie ins with other series, there were evangelion's for a while. My brother plays it, I never got into it but i may check it out later.

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    Default Re: Puzzles and dragons

    Oh dear God not you too Southperry. All of my college friends are playing it and are trying to drag me too.


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    In fairness it was a cute asian who got me into it

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    I don't particularly like the limitations you start out with. Way too many monsters, and evolutions for some require a lot of materials. Everything requires magic eggs, from expanding your monster box and friend list.

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    Uh what level are you on, or your player level? Everytime you complete a dungeon you get an egg, and the exp alone should level you and refresh your stamina. In fact I'd just beat the first set of dungeons so you can get half stamina and power level 20ish. Your free eggs should be spent on the monster box and the only time you should use the "gacha" is for the godfest that happens every two weeks. I don't have a monster even at 40 yet and I'm level 61, the ones you're looking at are given at event dungeons throughout the week at a pretty high rate in fact. Plus thers 2x coins/2x drop every single day.

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    Default Re: Puzzles and dragons

    May be a necro, but oh well.

    So despite me thinking the game was very silly, a friend of mine got me into it. He tempted me with the Evangelion collab, and it worked all too wonderfully and I went nuts the first 2 weeks. Approaching day 30 since I played this game, and I'm about to hit Rank 90. Having more fun with the money I spent on PAD than Maplestory would ever give, at a fraction of the amount spent on Maple. Yes I went there. I guess it helped the Godfest I threw money at gave me a perfectly viable Kirin team so I'm more or less set for the rest of the game. #hatersgonnahate

    I mainly run Kirin as my leader, unless it's Saturday and I'll then run Misato so I can faceroll the Tower of Giants.

    On Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Fridays I usually run the daily dungeons for Evolution Materials. If you need a Green Odin for massive damage reduction, I got him. Siren for massive healing, I got her. I switch between them depending on which of my friends are available.

    *OH, Padherder is here:,0,0;default,0

    Do let me know who you are when you friend request. I don't really add strangers unless they have monsters I really want to use. If I know you, I would delete people from my friend list so I can add you.

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    Evangelions sucked me in. Got a 85 pack and managed to get all of them in less then 10 rolls (had 35 free stones too). Blew the rest on the previous godfest. Currently rank 162. Here's my PAD herder, ID is 324601317. I mainly run Ronia although I'm practicing Kirin right now. I find Ronia easier to use but Kirin does have a much higher potential. I use Ulti Echidna to burn through lower level dungeons and specials. Got too many monsters and not enough of the right evo materials. Also need to figure out what to use my 9 Tamadras on. Going to try and get to 167 for 100 stamina so I can run 2 decends or Super metal King dragons and make a stamina refill more efficient.

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    Default Re: Puzzles and dragons

    >Practicing Kirin
    >Fully evolved

    Mah nigga

    Also accepted your friend request.

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    Jealous of all the Kirins :'(
    None of my accounts have anything amazing, though I do enjoy my JP accounts :U More people should play the JP version..(and roll suzaku so I can use them)
    If anyone wants to add my F/F Horus EN account, for...whatever reason, 360,243,211

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    I actually just fully evolved it yesterday before ever using it. Why? Because I found Haku much easier to use and din't need a 5x spike much. Figured I may as well Ulti evolve since I could get the materials and she finally gets feet. Not a huge difference without awakenings, only 10 cost and 400 HP. But I figured other people could make better use for her more. Having 2 Ronias and using a friend's was enough to get through most of the earlier dungeons. Kirin's spike is more challenging than the other Chinese gods, but it is also more fun if you pull it off (and there is a large difference between a 12.25x and a 25x multiplier). And if that's not enough, you can stick Kirin with some physical subs and throw in a King Bubblie for an additional 3x spike. Rips through absolutely anything. But I still need to work on my comboing, I run out of time often.

    But nothing beats wrecking monsters with one orb matches and Flame Rouge

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    Default Re: Puzzles and dragons

    Oh hey I downloaded this game like 3 weeks ago, I agree it is pretty fun. I just suck at making my team diverse.

    too bad im caught up in the Zenonia series right now

  16. Default Re: Puzzles and dragons

    Didn't expect to see this back up lmao

    1) I finished skill uping FA luci (5 turn dark enhance changer)
    2) I max leveled 1/3 of my red sonia's
    3) I managed to create my perfect pandora team
    4) Rolled a blue sonia, and have a blue odin (hoping for a second one to get a bonia team of death up)

    So as of right now I'm trying to skill up my vampire lord for pandora, currently at rank 167

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    I hate you

    Managed to use the Super Emerald Dragon dungeon to level up some green subs, but I don't have evo materials for half my monsters.

  18. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
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    Guild: Virtues
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    Default Re: Puzzles and dragons

    I've wondered about the efficiency of Super Emerald Dragons for 50 stamina per run when I only got 67 stamina, meaning I gotta stone each time if I want to keep going, as opposed to being able to run regular Emerald Dragons 3 times per stone. I got the means to kill the Super King with my Shinji+Kaworu pseudo Lucifer sub and survive with Odin plus a Siren/Alarune helper, but dat stamina tho.

    Also thanks to you, I ultimate evolved my Echidna for 2-3 minute Tower of Giant easy mode facerolls. She also makes Metal/Jewel Dragon runs really fast by wiping all the small fries in one go.

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    Finally have 100 stamina, now to get to about 220 team cost so I can use my 3rd red Sonia :(.

    I highly recommend it. One super king is double what a king gives and you're guaranteed a King, every game, and the lowest you get are silvers. I mean just to get my Ronia from 84-max it took 17 super take almost 35 reg kings to accomplish that, plus the 20 stamina variant doesn't even GURRANTEE a king and you could end up coming out with 5 reg dragon eggs, rather than worse case being 5 silvers and a gold (I think it was 6 runs, if not its 4 silvers and a gold)

    Also have you guys max skilled your echidna yet? Cus that sh`it is hell. My luci took 80 feeds of 6th angels, and I had to evolve every single f`ucking one of them. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT FOR MY LAST SKILL UP, THE LAST 20 I HAD, ALL GONE UNTIL MY LAST 3. OH MY GOD I WAS SWEATING.

    Also updated my padherder


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