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  1. Default I forgot where to train.

    I've got a couple of level 40 Cygnus Knights that I need to get to 120, but I've completely forgotten the optimal training path to 120.

    Can someone be kind enough to remind me of the best path to 120?

  2. Default Re: I forgot where to train.

    follow tots until 60
    regular monster park until 70

    then mpe until 120

  3. Default Re: I forgot where to train.

    Well you can only do MPE 3 times per day unless you find a ticket from the boss.

  4. Default Re: I forgot where to train.

    so level them up in parallel

    get them to seventy
    do your three or so runs a day until 120

    and boom, you're done without killing yourself grinding.

  5. Default Re: I forgot where to train.

    It's still good to give general advice so if they wanted to do one at a time, or wanted this knowledge for future reference, they'd know where to go.

    @MetaSeraphim; Usually I do a mix of Tot's/Theme dungeons (Gold Beach/Chryses/Kerning Square) until level 60, then I go to Sand Rats in Magatia until 75, then I go to Roids in Magatia until 100 (small map until 85 or so, then the large map). After that Evo/MPE will be enough for 120.

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    switch over to homunculus at around ninety if you're going the magatia route, flat map, decent spawn

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    Chryse is good for 40-60 if you have decent mobbing skills and are on 2X... I don't bother with Tots anymore.
    I go straight to Triple Rumos at 60, iron mutaes at 65 (it's a little better than Triple Rumos), Roids at 75, and the usual place at 80.
    Prior to the updated spawn rate, I didn't bother with Homunculus, but now Homunculus is a viable place after level 90. It's still either that or going straight for Rash/Dark Rash after 90, and Hobi/Green Hobi at about 100.


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    boom box/cd at kerning square till 50, sand rats till 68, roids till 88, captains till 100, evo lab/kents till 120.

    All these maps have mini dungeons if you're antisocial like me.

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    I've found Tot's suggestions to be consistently inferior to pure grinding in terms of powerleveling, as much as I wish it weren't so.

    With my suggestions, I usually have a Kanna mule also, which speeds things up considerably for places which are party-able (e.g. not MPE). I also factor in travel time. Lastly, you can bump down the level ranges depending on how OP the class is (mob hit & number of hits).
    (30-35) Tot free level up
    35-46 CDs (Kerning Square)
    46-50 Tot free level up
    50-60 Desert Rabbits (Not the best, but flat map, decent spawn, and minimal traveling) Remember to get the 2x coupon from Tot
    60-70 Sand Rats/Scorpions
    70-90 Roids
    90-100 Captains
    70-120 MPE
    100-120 Evo world* During 2x events, Evo world spawn slows down a lot to the point where MPE and even normal grinding is better

  10. Default Re: I forgot where to train.

    is this true? I never heard this before. can anyone else confirm this?

    does this apply to the 2exp cards as well?

    as for tot quest - use your own judgement. the suggested quests varies for each class and I've not gotten my cygnoobs past like level 30
    level 50-57 i suggest doing the ludi pq. then you get the last few to 60 free from tot.

  11. Default Re: I forgot where to train.

    I don't see how it has anything to do with 2exp cards. Evo World tends to lag (and thus cause slower spawn) when there's a huge load: for example, during 2x events when everyone is trying to train in Link 3. I know it's been mentioned by some other people too in another thread, but I can't find it atm.



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