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  1. Default 25% +7 to +9 scroll distribution

    1) Has anybody used these and/or know what the distribution is on the m/atk boost? Equal for all 3? Approximately normal distribution around 8? (~Exponential decay) Highest at 7 and lowest at 9?

    [Doesn't make sense to make a separate thread for this:]
    2) Should I try using these on my weapon instead of Red 50% +8s? I currently have 190 MATK on my empress staff with 7 slots left; scrolling the rest with +8s (if I even succeed) will get me to 246 MATK, 4 shy of 250 (which is best for enhancement AFAIK?). I have fairly limited resources, so I don't think I can afford 90% +9s, and I won't be scrolling another weapon for a very long time.

  2. Default Re: 25% +7 to +9 scroll distribution

    1) Based on my own + others' past experience, a skewed distribution toward the right (7 being left, 8 being middle, 9 being right) had been observed, meaning that landing +7-8 had occurred more frequently than landing a +9. There's no definitive means, however, to substantiate the idea that this observation matches the actual scroll distribution.

    2) Is gaining a few more M.ATT worth the cost of spending extra nx on protection scrolls, guardian scrolls (if you don't have an ample supply of the booming 25%'s), and/or return scrolls (in the event you land a +7)? From a cost-to-benefit analysis, I would say it's wiser to go with the RED 50% +8 att scrolls.

  3. Default Re: 25% +7 to +9 scroll distribution

    Seeing how the RED scrolls are 50% and no boom, unless you are ready to burn through a lot of money I would recommend using the RED scrolls. You mention limited resources, and you should know your limits. If you have limited resources then you probably are not going to make a 10+ star weapon where the 4 matt would make a difference. The chances of getting 4 9's is pretty slim anyways, so don't bother.

  4. Default Re: 25% +7 to +9 scroll distribution

    This has been my experience with these scrolls as well.

  5. Default Re: 25% +7 to +9 scroll distribution

    I suppose I should have said I have limited liquid assets/buying power, as I do have a fairly large stockpile of prots, slates, AEEs, and some return scrolls. But given that +9s are rarer than +7/+8, going with RED scrolls does make more sense. Thanks to everyone who replied!



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