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  1. Question Zero "Change potential"


    So I was wondering..

    Do we have to use cubes to level up the potential level in zero's weapon? Currently its "rare"

    Or we can use change potential which is 100k mesos 600wp to level up the potential level from rare to epic and so on

    Probably used over 10k wp so far and around 6 cubes. Still the same as before.

  2. Default Re: Zero "Change potential"

    WP can go to unique, you need to use cubes to get it to legendary.

  3. Default Re: Zero "Change potential"

    You can use the WP to reset potential up to Unique. If you want to get to legendary though, you have to cube.

  4. Default Re: Zero "Change potential"

    I'd save cubes until you get it to unique, unless you are in a rush or got money to burn. It might take a while but it is cheaper.

  5. Default Re: Zero "Change potential"

    In addition, once you hit Legendary you can only use cubes to change potential, not WP. So I'd watch out for that.

  6. Default Re: Zero "Change potential"

    No [s]hit, I was about to ask that. Thanks.



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