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  1. Default reinforced Gollux set?

    So, I have a full reinforced Gollux set (unequiped). I'm not funded enough to get the superior, and I doubt I will be able to go on hell runs anytime soon. I was planning on sticking with the reinforced set since it is pretty good itself, and was wondering the order I should perfect the equips. I would probably be keeping them a while before I am able to upgrade. I was planning on doing the ring first, since it is one of the few currently obtainable that can have potential. This is only scrolling, using the gollux scroll, I won't be cubing them (until miracle times come back). For the rest, is there any particular order I should do them in? Should I only perfect the ring and save scrolls for a possible superior set down the road (since it would take a decent amount of scrolls). Thanks for the advice.

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    Default Re: reinforced Gollux set?

    If you have the belt, do that after the ring.

    If not, work on the earrings.

    Pendant(s) last.

  3. Default Re: reinforced Gollux set?

    I have all the pieces (well, ill get the earings today), so that not a problem. Any reason to do the belt first and the pendant last?

  4. Default Re: reinforced Gollux set?

    I'd compare your current Belt/Pendant/Earrings to the stats of a completed Reinforced Gollux equip, see which one gives the biggest boost, and move on from there.

  5. Default Re: reinforced Gollux set?

    Currently using non potential solid gollux set, all items +2 since i have pomegranatety scrolling luck. the belt gives me increased range, the pendant gives me a lower range, and the ring is not an issue.

  6. Default Re: reinforced Gollux set?

    What about the earrings?

    From this information alone, I'd start scrolling the belt first.

  7. Default Re: reinforced Gollux set?

    if not for the rare possibility to get tyrant belt!! i would save the belt for last.

    ring first, as an obvious increase to almost every other ring in the game
    earrings second, because it has more scroll slots to finish
    pendant third, for two reasons.
    if a perma pendant goes on sale, its possible a player might buy. imo its too good to pass up.
    if just a 1% chance, you will get a tyrant belt and star it
    and belt last.

    six months ago, i never dreamed i would get tyrant pieces, and now i have cape and shoes!

  8. Default Re: reinforced Gollux set?

    Thanks, I'll probably go with this for now. I could get tyrants if I really wanted (if I could find any ), but I really don't want to waste money on eeing them, plus the reinforced and superior gollux sets give 30% boss. They will never release a perma pendant slot, and while I probably won't buy one in the near future i'll keep that in mind.



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