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  1. Default What should I spend my coins on?

    I have about 380 coins left from my compensation package, and I'm still doing Bingo every day. Thing is, these coins are on my Zero (I needed them to perfectly scroll my weapons). Most of the useful things from the RED shop are untradable, so I'd like some advice on what I should do with the coins.

    • I can scroll my Phantom's Empress cane, but that would require me to PSoK over the cane and PSoK it back. This would be nice because my cane is anviled, has a decent bonus potential and a C-rank Nebulite in it.
    • I can buy a new Empress cane and scroll it. This would only cost ~50m and whatever I spend on scrolls, but would require me to recube.
    • I can scroll one of the Empress or Sweetwater equipment that I have lying around. This would let me sell an item for quite a bit, but honestly I already have a perfect weapon I'm trying to sell (empress staff) and I'm having trouble getting demand for it.
    • I can spend the coins on cubes for my Zero's weapons. This is likely not worth it as I can WP up to Unique and use Black Cubes to hit Legendary.
    • I can spend the coins on cubes for some Epic Tempest rings I have lying around. I can cube for 6% stat for some characters that don't have one.
    • I can spend the coins on ICoG for my RA top (would require the shop to reset with Beast Tamer). This won't cover all my coins but would be nice for that equip.
    • I can sell scroll services. Meso for RA equips!
    • I can do something else.

    Opinions appreciated.

  2. Default Re: What should I spend my coins on?

    Pretty sure this belongs in the Should I... forum.



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