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  1. Default Rangefinder & Vital Hunter

    How far away from a monster do I have to be to get the most damage out of these skills? I can't find any detailed information on it anywhere.

  2. Default Re: Rangefinder & Vital Hunter
    Can't find the exact skills you mentioned, probably because those are GMS names and these are KMS names or vice versa.
    This should answer your question anyway, although I'm afraid I'm not sure how much one unit is.

  3. Default Re: Rangefinder & Vital Hunter

    It is called Distancing Sense and Weakness finding in the KMS extractions.

    Weakness Finding/Vital Hunter I can mostly understand (although I have no idea exactly how long 400 range is) but the tooltip for Distancing Sense/Rangefinder is worded very poorly in GMS.



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