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    Hiya! I quit the game quite a long time ago after losing my account when the MTS was exploited. Decided to give it a try again due to extreme boredom. I see looots has changed, so much new content and classes and whatnot. Pretty overwhelming. I really don't know which class to start, or how many new ones there are for that matter. Help me out?

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    You really haven't given us a lot to work with.

    Are you more support oriented or do you want to play a top-dps class? Do you have any preferences on which type of class (warrior, archer, mage, etc.) you want to use?

    You could always make a cygnus knight to start off. Would give you a feel for the game/class as well as give you a nice passive attack buff for your account.

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    How much time do you have? Try playing ever new class and getting them to lv100ish? Oh, but make a Zero since their creation will be removed after the 18th and no one knows when they will be back.



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