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    Default Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Charm Sniping

    Does anyone know anything about charm sniping? I know what charm table my character is on and I've tried every effing guide under the sky. The most comprehensive one I followed talked about the "Weak cooking lock", "strong cooking lock", and how to "charm shotgun" as well. Problem is, neither one of the cooking locks work for me. I memorize what ingredients I eat, eat/reboot until I get Felyne Explorer, then don't save just as EVERY guide directs. After that, they say if you don't save between quests, eating the same fish and the same drink will always net you Felyne Explorer. I call bullshit on that. I haven't gotten that to work one single, solitary time.

    Any help/tips would be nice, because I'd love to learn how to charm snipe, but you can't do it until you figure out how to get the weak/strong cooking locks to work. I'll link you guys to the guide I used. It can be found HERE

    P.S. I tried to post this in the already-existing MH3U topic, but the last reply was greater than 21 days ago, so it shot me down. If someone wants to reopen that thread, I'll be glad to delete this and take the discussion there.

  2. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Charm Sniping

    Give this thread a read.

    As far as locking in Explorer goes, you have to make sure the ingredients have the same Freshness as when you initially got Explorer. Using a Voucher makes this easiest since you're guaranteeing your ingredients are always fresh.

  3. Default Re: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Charm Sniping

    Sorry, my Monster Hunter knowledge does not encompass Charm Sniping....mostly because I've never cared to. I usually make do with a slightly weaker set that has many possibilities which increases my chances of having a charm that I have already.

    Overall my understanding is that the meal system works similarly to old school RPG randomness. If you do the same thing from the same state, the same result will occur. That means if you eat EXACTLY the same thing (including Freshness, as Secun has mentioned) after the same quest(same state), you should get the same result of the meal. I've never experimented because overall charm sniping seems far more frustrating than just getting the expected pile of sh'it from every quest that gives charms.

    As for the technique of actually sniping; apparently every second(or ever partial second?) in the game advances the table by 1. By determining where you are on the table before you begin to snipe, you can effectively determine where you will be on the table based on the amount of spaces you need to go to get the charm you want multiplied by the second/table push factor into flat out time to wait. The problem is if the charm is too close to where you are, you won't be able to snipe it because it will take too long to die three times in a row, especially if no large monster has appeared. Combined with the fact that there's still a lot of uncontrol-able factors.

    Doesn't really feel worth it, in my honest opinion.

    Overall charms are probably the worst execution of a semi-decent idea I've seen from Capcom...until you get to the Excavation system in MH4.

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